How To Get The Most of MyDisguises

A lot of people visit MyDisguises, and we like that! We want to be sure that each visitor knows how to use the site to its fullest. If you’re a bit new to the blogging scene and just need an idea on how to keep up on the stuff you’re solely interested in, then read up here and we’ll guide you in blog navigation. I wish we could send out badges or ribbons for those of you who master these web tricks, but we can’t. Award yourself with a virtual shoulder pat from us once you’ve figured it out.

RSS and Subscribing

New to RSS? RSS stands for Real Simple Sindicate. The long and short of it is this; you can ‘subscribe’ to the articles of our site and have them update in a reader. Your reader can track all the updates to multiple sites you like to read. It’s a great way to see the headlines and articles of sites you like to browse, but don’t read word for word every day. The truth is that most people skim on the web, and we know that. If you want to check up on MyDisguises frequently, but can’t commit to visiting the site or commenting all the time, an RSS reader is perfect.


Most RSS readers are either embedded in your browser or hosted by a website. Here’s a list of web hosted RSS feeders. Once you find the site and set up an account, all you have to do is enter the RSS address of the site and you’re good. We use Feedburner and you’ll notice our little orange icon telling you all about it. Click on that and the URL it takes you to is the URL you will use to subscribe to MyDisguises.

What’s the point? The point is that with RSS, you pick where your news comes from without any of the junk you don’t want to read. Do you want a mashup of news about video games, cosplay sites, and gerbil news? Well then you can have it your way. Oh, don’t forget MyDisguises.

Take Part in the Discussion via Comments

The best blogs on the Internet are interactive. If people aren’t commenting on MyDisguises, we take responsibility. Either our content isn’t open ended enough, or our readers are just a tad confused on how to get the commentary going. Therefore, we will tell you how it goes down.

If you click on the title of any post, it will take you to a “permalink” version of the article. This means that it gets its own little page. Scroll to the bottom and you can see a box to leave a comment. There you can either post as an anonymous person, or put your name and link to a website of your own. It’s a great way to get noticed and have us see who you are. We love to visit the sites of people who post here, and active posters are always welcome.

Use the “Share This” Button

Since blogging is all about communication, we’ve added the “Share This” application to the bottom of each post. Clicking on it will open up a list of site that you can bookmark, comment, and share our posts with other readers. Popular sites like Digg, Reddit, and are surely there. Digging or sharing posts gets our articles out there and brings people to the discussion. Follow the steps they guide you in, and you’ll be finding your comments and ideas all around the web too.

Better Navigation for Better Reading

Like I said, it’s pretty common knowledge that few people on the Internet actually read posts word for word. The Internet is a large scavenger hunt, and persistence will find you just about everything you’re looking for. We’ve included a number of tools to make your navigation of our site much easier and pleasant.

The search box is pretty self explanatory, so we won’t tell you how to use it. We will however encourage you to seek out the stuff you really want to read by search. If that’s too narrow, you can check out the categories sidebar section. Clicking on any of the category links will take you to all the posts tagged with the very same category. I use this myself.

The blog just adds article upon article. It’s loaded with good content. From time to time, we’ll continue a segment that we once started in hopes of giving the best overall view of our subject matters. This means you can find just about anything worthy of reading. Use the categories and search effectively to find the best of the best as you see needed.

These ideas should keep you busy reading MyDisguises.

If we could plead one request with our audience it would be to get involved. Our content is only so good until the readers join the conversation. Add your commentary, and the content really starts to feed itself! Hope to see you in the comments and RSS sections!

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