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Long, Pointy Mexican Boots

Here’s a fascinating look at a fashion trend in Mexico involving boots with super long toes. It’s a phenomenon known as botas vaqueras exóticas.

The video above explains it well. Boots started getting pointy at dance clubs, then “people started making them pointier and pointer until it got out of control.” It became a competition to have the longest boots. One guy in the video talks about how he “won” after making a pair of boots seven feet long!

They use plastic tubing, screws and leather to extend the boot. How interesting!

[via Reddit]

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Strange Mexican Internet Song with Costumes

This is quite strange… Mexican band Los Alguiens perform their song “El Internet,” which is a tribute to all things on the Internet. Looks like they are wearing trash cans on their heads, painted to look like aliens.

I admit the song is rather catchy. Can anyone translate the lyrics?

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Monkeys in Masks

Cute, yet creepy: Monkeys in masks perform on the streets of Indonesia. Known as Topeng Monyet (Monkey Mask), these little guys can earn their owners $10 a day.

BoingBoing has a gallery with more photos, with a bit of discussion regarding the concerns of many animal rights activists. It’s a good read, you should check it out!


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Gorgeous Ancient Egyptian Costume

Courtney Coombs does it again, modeling another fantastic costume. This time, she’s an Ancient Egyptian! Wow, such a pretty costume.

Courtney goes to a costume design school, and on Friday’s they all dress up. Doesn’t that sound like an awesome school?

Costume Friday today was going to be Gaga, but that costume isn’t quite ready yet. Instead we had an historical themed day. I’m not Cleopatra exactly, just ancient Egyptian. I didn’t make any of this, but I did alter the dress. It was a Table 8 that my mum bought really cheap but it didn’t fit her so she gave it to me. The head dress was a gift from my grandparents from their trip to Jordan.

[via Courtney Coombs]

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Elephant Costumes for Horses?

Why is this horse wearing an elephant trunk? Well, according to history and legend, the Merwar leaders would dress up their horses for battle. Here’s an interesting fact:

This is a picture of a horse with a trunk. When going to battle Indian kings would make their horses wear trunks. The other side’s elephants would refuse to attack the horses thinking that the horses were baby elephants.

While this may seem like a myth, I did find someone else claiming the same thing on

Udai Singh was most well known for the horse that he rode, Chetak. The Merwar rulers did not ride elephants like the other Maharaja’s but rather horses that wore elephant trunks. At first we thought this was really strange but we learned that this is because horses were faster in battle and when they came into contact with an elephant, the fake trunk would make the elephant think it was a baby elephant and it would not attack. Rather ingenious really.

Makes sense, I guess. Who would want to attack a baby elephant? They are too cute.

[via Reddit and Travelpod]

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Dancing in Tribal Costumes

Here’s a silly video of some tribal dancing. The person on the right is wearing 5 grass skirts at once, and sort of looks like a dancing shrub. I haven’t heard Iko Iko in a while… great song!

CremepieLDD says,

“My friend and I made grass skirts for some students in Uganda. The skirts are part of their costume for their native dances. I put five grass skirts on at once and played Just Dance 2 on the Wii with Jodee. The video turned out to be hilarious!”

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Amazing Long Hair on Hindu Woman

I think even Rapunzel would be jealous of this woman’s hair. What a striking photo! You can click on the image to view full size.

This woman is making a pilgrimage to Sagar island for the holy festival of “Makar Sankranti” on January 14, 2011.

A Hindu ascetic woman adjusts her hair after taking a dip in the Ganges river in Kolkata January 4, 2011. Hindu ascetics and pilgrims are making the annual trip to Sagar Island for a holy dip, at the confluence of the Ganges river and the Bay of Bengal, during the one-day festival of “Makar Sankranti” on January 14.
(REUTERS/Rupak De Chowdhuri)

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Krampus Costumes on Christmas

Have you heard of Krampus? Dating from pre-Christian mythology, he’s a European demon who’s frequently called the Anti-Santa Claus.

According to Alpine mythology, Krampus accompanied Saint Nicolas and delivered warnings and punishment to bad children. How terrifying!

Unreality has a gallery of people in Krampus costumes worth checking out!

From Wikipedia:

In the Alpine regions, the Krampus is represented by an incubus demon accompanying Saint Nicholas. Krampus acts as an anti–Saint Nicholas, who, instead of giving gifts to good children, gives warnings and punishments to the bad children. Traditionally, young men dress up as the Krampus in the first two weeks of December, particularly in the evening of December 5, and roam the streets frightening children and women with rusty chains and bells.

[via Unreality]

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