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Chinese-Style Costume Pole Dancing

Ready to watch a little pole dancing? Settle down, it’s not THAT kind of pole dancing.

Take a look at this performance recorded on the streets of Penang, Malaysia. There are two guys in that costume, so amazing. Some of those moves require one man to stand on the other’s shoulders — while jumping around on poles! Just incredible.

There’s always some kind of celebration going on in Malaysia and I was able to capture this clever event showing an excellent display of talent and balance…

[via captivatingcebu]

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Egyptian Parody Dance from 1950

This video is a strange one, I admit — but once you start watching it’s rather hypnotic.

British performers Wilson, Keppel and Betty perform a strange Egyptian costume dance in 1950. This is rather unusual, perfect for a Monday morning!

Wilson, Keppel and Betty were a popular British music hall act in the middle decades of the 20th century who capitalised on the trend for Egyptian imagery following the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun. Their stage act, called the “sand dance”, was a parody of Egyptian postures, combined with references to Arabic costume. The lithe and extremely lanky Wilson and Keppel, who wore long mustaches and make up to emphasize the sharp angularity of the features so as to appear almost identical, would demonstrate their impressive suppleness in adopting wild gestures and dancing in identical “stereo” movements…

[via ScreenStageAndSong]

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Gods & Pharaohs at the Elf Fantasy Fair

Here’s a great trailer for the upcoming Elf Fantasy Fair at Castle de Haar, Haarzuilens, NL. April 21-22, 2012, over 25,000 costumes be shown in Europe’s second largest Costume Parade (second only to the Carnival of Venice).

This year’s theme is “Gods & Pharoahs” and I bet the costumes will be out of this world. For more information, you can visit the Official Website.

Bonus Clip! Here are some fabulous Vampire Hunters from last year. Very cool!


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Movement Against Racist Costumes Becomes Internet Meme

What do you think of the “cultural” Halloween costumes that appear in abundance this time of year? Is a Mexican costume racist? Or does it merely attempt to celebrate their culture? Are people being overly sensitive about racism, or is it a serious issue that should be addressed?

A well-meaning student group from Ohio University has launched a campaign to end “racist” Halloween costumes. Known as S.T.A.R.S, they are the “Students Teaching Against Racism in Society.” They’ve put out a series of posters like the two shown above.

Apparently, lots of people on the Internet are making fun of this concept, and have turned their campaign into a humorous meme. I did get a good laugh out of the images below.

So what do you think? Has political correctness gone too far? Does the STARS campaign deserve to be turned into a joke? Or are they making an important point about underlying racism in our society? I welcome your comments below.

[Know Your Meme via BoingBoing]

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Miss Universe 2011 Costumes

The most gorgeous women in the world recently gathered in Sao Paulo, Brazi for Miss Universe 2011. When it came time to wear their national costumes, they did not mess around!

So very beautiful! And some are rather funny… Miss Chile even dressed up like a miner.

Fashion critics Tom and Lorenzo have a really nice recap of the costumes, complete with very witty commentary. Check out Part One and Part Two, for a look at dozens and dozens of amazing world costumes.

Thanks to Allison for the tip!

[via Tom and Lorenzo: Part One and Part Two]

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Muslim Punk Fashion

Muslim punk fashion? How interesting! I first saw this top photo on Reddit, and it caused me to dig around the Web for more info.

This woman’s name is Tesnim Sayar, currently an art student in Denmark. She’s designing “rebellious” clothes while still conforming to her religious beliefs. Neat!

I found a few articles that aren’t in English, so I may have interpreted some of this information incorrectly. If so, please feel free to correct me!


21 year old Tesnim Sayar was born and raised in Odense, with the Turkish Muslim descent. She defines herself as Muslim punk and grow rebellious punk clothing style and culture, but live according to his own religious beliefs.

“I am Muslim. I like my religion, I like my scarf. I can not see an obstacle in why I should not be able to combine being both punk and Muslim.”

I found more photos on… I have no idea what the text says, but it looks like her clothing was part of an art show.

Here’s a little more information from, where Tesnim says:

“I will go with it because I think it’s cool and suits me. I have not designed it to provoke. But my message is also that you should not continue to believe that Muslim girls are just sitting at home is boring.”

“A friend of mine says that one defines a punk as opposed to one or another form of oppression. I’m tired of people’s generalizations and stereotypes about Muslim girls. Therefore, I am punk.”

Very cool! I definitely approve.


Bonus artwork below! Tesnim Sayar’s Muslim punk fashion has inspired artist/illustrator Nadia Karroue to draw her portrait. Quite lovely, excellent work!

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Photos from the Krishna Janmashtami Festival

Here are some great photos from The Telegraph as they cover the Janmashtami Hindu Festival in Watford, Hertfordshire.

Both children and adults dressed as Lord Krishna to celebrate his birth. It’s estimated that over 72,000 people gathered for the this 2-day festival.

The cow costumes below are part of a promotion for the Ahimsa Dairy Foundation, “which sells milk from cows that will be allowed to live out their natural lives once their milking days are over.”

Quite the gorgeous festival, very interesting!


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Mariachi Band Serenades Beluga Whale

This is one of the best videos I’ve seen in a long time. A mariachi band, in traditional costumes, serenades a Beluga whale! WOW, it almost looks like the whale is bobbing his head to the music.

Apparently the band was playing a wedding at the Mystic Aquarium in Conneticut, when they decided to play for the appreciative whale.

And the Internet rejoiced… I’m pretty sure the whale did, too!

[via CBS News]

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