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Dapper Toppers: Blonde Swan Hats

One of the things I have had cause to mourn in my study of historic fashion and costume is the passing of The Hat as a basic necessity of wardrobe into cultural oblivion. 

Up until about the middle of the last century, hats were an absolute MUST in Western fashion.  No decent person went out without his or her hat, and a whole set of manners and customs were attached to the selection and wearing (and doffing) of all manner of hats, caps and toppers.

Despite my sorrow at the disintegration of the culture of headwear into basebal caps and upside-down visors, there IS one advantage: anyone who is caught actually wearing a singular sort of hat instantly attracts attention!  Nothing completes a costume or period outfit like the proper hat.  It’s the candle on the cake, the filling in the pie–the last, perfect touch that takes your creation from the adequate to the sublime.

The next question which must be asked, then, is where to obtain such a marvelous thing as a quality hat.  I would like to draw special attention to the Blonde Swan, a Hatter in Ohio who turns out the most superb hats I have ever had the pleasure to see.


The Tall Felt Topper and the Elizabethan Riding hat.  These are handsome enough photographed–in real life they are, simply put,  STUNNING.

Whether you’re in the market for something to complete your Steampunk, vampire, Renaissance, priate, fantasy or Victorian costume, they have something that fits the bill, and fits it to a tee!


The Gunslinger and the Bulls-Eye Beauty–Old West or Age of Steam?  Either way!

 So if you’re looking for a hat of magnificent quality and reasonable cost, there’s no place for you but  Go check them out–you won’t regret it!


The Broomrider and Deluxe Sassy Jackie.  The Broomrider is one of my personal favourites.  It’s perfectly smashing finish for a witch costume, but can also take any medievil costume from the historical to fantastic in an instant.  The Sassy Jackie is equally gorgeous, and can’t be beat for any sky or sea wandering pirette.

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Allison of Mod Mischief, Brilliant Costume Maker


ModMischiefToday I’d like to give a round of applause to Allison, known on the Interwebs as ModMischief.

She makes extraordinary costumes for herself and her friends, then dedicates her time helping others by creating tutorials on

Let’s take a look at some of the incredible costumes she’s made…


1. Kidnapped Mermaid Costume

Allison made this costume for her friend. Very, very cool!

We settled on a design that has everything: sex appeal, impressive size, an optical illusion and built in drink holders!

By buying a lot of the pieces pre-made we were able to save a lot of time and put together the costume in about 15 hours spread over two weekends of working in my messy kitchen.

Learn more on…

Kidnapped Mermaid Costume

Kidnapped Mermaid CostumeKidnapped Mermaid Costume

Kidnapped Mermaid CostumeKidnapped Mermaid Costume


2. Headless Bride from Duct Tape

Here is Allison in all her headless glory. Magnificent work, and an ingenious use of duct tape!

For Halloween last year I decided I wanted to go as a corpse bride since I had an awesome oh-so-eighties wedding dress at my disposal (left over from a previous theme party)…. I didn’t have the materials or skills to sculpt it… What I did have was lots and lots of duct tape.

Learn more on…

Headless Bride

Headless BrideHeadless Bride

Headless Bride


3. Ludo from Labyrinth Costume

And now, with an amazing, mind blowing costume – it’s Ludo from the Labyrinth movie!

Remember Jim Henson’s classic film, Labyrinth , starring David Bowie? Who wouldn’t want their very own friend Ludo?

In the movie the furry giant is played by the incredible Ron Mueck but this Halloween I decided the role would be best performed by my boyfriend.

Learn more on…

Ludo from Labyrinth costume

Ludo from Labyrinth costumeLudo from Labyrinth costume

Ludo from Labyrinth costumeLudo from Labyrinth costume

Ludo from Labyrinth costume

Wow! Aren’t these costumes absolutely incredible?

Huge thanks to Allison for sending in the photos. We love having you as an MD reader and commentor, and can’t wait to see your costumes in the future!

On the web:

Allison’s blog:

Allison’s Instructables:


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ThatCostumeGirl and the Return of Super Turkey

I hope everybody had a fun, turkey-filled Thanksgiving!

It appears ThatCostumeGirl was busy during the holiday. She made a turkey costume, and a Super Turkey video! Isn’t she the best?

It’s a great costume, and looks like making this video was a lot of fun. You can learn about how she made the costume HERE, and there’s a link to the unedited version of the video HERE.

Great job, TCG!

[via ThatCostumeGirl]

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ThatCostumeGirl is an Easy Zombie!

ThatCostumeGirl is a Zombie

ThatCostumeGirl is a ZombieThatCostumeGirl is a Zombie

Don’t you just love Halloween? Check out ThatCostumeGirl as a zombie! So disgusting, yet somehow she still looks really hot.

She explains on her blog how to make an easy zombie face. She achieved this zombie look using regular household items like eyeshadow, chewing gum and toilet paper. Very impressive!

ThatCostumeGirl also offers several last minute costume ideas for us Halloween procrastinators. So head over to her blog for helpful tips and tricks. There’s still time for you to come up with a costume!

[via ThatCostumeGirl]

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Google Maps Accidentally Locates Skeletor

Google Maps Skeletor

As Google Maps sends their teams out into the world to photograph streets, very often they accidentally catch something funny or embarrassing happening. In the past, Google has caught people heading into adult bookstores, committing crimes, even sunbathing.

Someone with a sharp eye noticed this funny photo on Google Maps: A guy cruising down the streets of Toronto wearing a Skeletor costume.

LOL, awesome!

[Google Maps via GreatWhiteSnark]

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Halloween Pool at

Today, announced their new Flickr pool for Halloween 2009. Each week until Halloween they will highlight the best of the bunch.

Here’s a few Halloween photos from 2008.

Great stuff! I can’t wait for Halloween!


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Doctor Steel is Awesome

Today I wanted to give a shout out to Doctor Steel, the musical mad scientist who likes to have fun. I’m sure many of you are fans already. The above video is fairly old, but it is so awesome.

Heavily influenced by steampunk, Doctor Steel is a musician and actor who’s organized a very large “army of toy soldiers” who’s goal is simple: Have fun.

“It all comes down to having fun. We spend our lives trapped, when all we really want to do is play. So, let the people play! Let us build a Utopian Playland.” ~Dr. Steel

Head on over to and become a toy solider! You won’t regret it.

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ThatCostumeGirl gets Slytherin for Harry Potter

ThatCostumeGirl gets Slytherin for Harry Potter

Expelliarmus! The incredibly lovely ThatCostumeGirl posted some fantastic Slytherin photos on her blog. She dressed up to go see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

It appears TCG has been practicing her spells. There’s no doubt in my mind that she could give Hermione a run for her money. To view all the photos, be sure to check out her Blog and Photo Gallery.

ThatCostumeGirl gets Slytherin for Harry PotterThatCostumeGirl gets Slytherin for Harry Potter

ThatCostumeGirl gets Slytherin for Harry Potter

[via ThatCostumeGirl]

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