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Cosplay Couture: Where Fashion Meets Cosplay

There’s an awesome new costume-themed Tumblr out called Cosplay Couture, brought to you by the talented and hardworking Courtney Coulson and Luke Milton.

Courtney’s been a long time reader of MyDisguises for many years. But it seems the student has become the master, as they say. After studying costumes, fashion and design, Courtney has emerged as a true leader of the art form of costumes.

Cosplay Couture is more than just your typical cosplay blog. They have a very focused niche which looks at cosplay from a photographer’s point of view. It’s not about making costumes for Dragon Con, but rather looking at costumes through the eyes of a fashion photographer or runway designer.

Really great stuff! Very in depth and with all original content, this is one costume website you want to follow. Congrats to Courtney and Luke for having such a great site!

Cosplay Couture, a project by Courtney Coulson and Luke Milton, it is an attempt to bring together the world of fashion photography and cosplay together. Instead of accuracy, it places emphasis on couture construction techniques, elaborate hair and make-up, basically everything you would expect to find on a runway or in a fashion magazine. In many ways, it’s an attempt to make these costumes look better than the original, but most importantly, these are respectful tributes to the characters and all choices in presentation must make sense for them.
These aren’t the kinds of costumes that will neccessarily work at a convention, it’s more about how they work within the context of a photoshoot, the environment in which they are photographed is just as important in achieving Cosplay Couture.

[via Cosplay Couture]

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Adorable Reddit Alien Costume

Are you a fan of the website Reddit? The parents of this adorable child must be. They made an awesome Reddit Alien costume, based on the site’s cute little mascot. It even comes with an upvote!

[via ForeverGeek]

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Cute Corgis in Costumes

If you like Corgis, you’re sure to love all of the Corgis in costumes! I’ve been entertaining myself this morning by going through the Tumblr Corgis Dressed as Things. What a great site, so many adorable costumed critters.

Here are just a few photos that caught my eye. Follow the link to view more!

[via Corgis Dressed as Things]

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Sad Etsy Dogs in Costumes

I got a good laugh from visiting Sad Etsy Dogs, a website dedicated to all the animal pics on So many delightful photos of dogs dressed in hand made costumes!

And it’s not just for dogs only… sometimes Angry Etsy Cat makes an appearance, too! Check them out at Sad Etsy Dogs.

[Sad Etsy Dogs via BoingBoing]

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Hot Chicks in Batman Shirts

Just like the title says… Hot Chicks in Batman Shirts!

This Tubmlr has been making the rounds on the web lately. It’s sexy, funny and geeky — I like it!

It’s a fairly new site, but users are uploading new photos and the gallery is growing. Good job, Internet.

[via Hot Chicks in Batman Shirts]

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500 Days of Bowties

This charming fellow, known as Cool Aaron, has dedicated 500 days of his life to wearing bowties.

Yes, he will wear a bowtie every day until March 8, 2012, and he updates his website every day with photos. What a mission!

Such very fine bowties, indeed. Be sure to visit to keep tabs on Cool Aaron. Good luck, Sir!


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Boing Boing’s DYI Costumes

Mario Cart Costumes has done a bang up job highlighting some brilliant DIY Halloween costumes. Those guys are very “Maker” friendly, and their intelligent readers have submitted some wonderful costume ideas.

Here are several of the costumes mentioned in their awesome DIY costume thread.

Aren’t these great? Thanks, Boing Boing!

Lego Vampire Costume


Disco Ball Costume


Chilean Miner Costume (with rescue pod)


Tetris Costumes


Dr. Who Tardis and Dalek Costumes


PC and Mac Costumes


Dad and Son Robot Costumes


The Grayscales Costumes



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i09’s Halloween Costume Contest


Here are a few fun photos of’s Halloween costume contest. Lots of great costumes have been submitted! You can view the entire gallery on io9’s Flickr pool.

Sigh, don’t you just LOVE this time of year?












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