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Silly Scarecrow Prank is Two Costumes in One

Aw, look at this silly scarecrow, spreading smiles and Halloween joy. But wait! All is not what it seems. It’s the old double costume trick, very nice. Watch as the poor unsuspecting people run for their lives!

[via edbassmaster]

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New York Comic Con 2014 Cosplay Video

New York Comic Con 2014 just wrapped up, and RealTDragon did not waste any time shooting footage of all the great costumes. This “League of Marvels” video is a marvel, indeed. Looks like so much fun!

[via RealTDragon]

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Adventure Time Gets a Gritty Reboot

The beloved TV show Adventure Time gets a gritty reboot, thanks to the talented people at GrittyReboots. It’s quite dark and sad, but I suppose that’s the point.

I especially like the Adventure Time costumes. Even Lemongrab makes a brief appearance. Very well done!

The Land of Ooo is dying, the magic that once populated it with magical creatures fading away. These are the last days of Jake and Finn, unless the last human can find a way to restore magic to the world.

[GrittyReboots via Kotaku]

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Triumph Insults Times Square Mascots

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know that Triumph the Insult Comic Dog was still around. Yet here he is, ruthlessly mocking the costumed characters that entertain in Times Square, New York. What a salty little dog puppet.

I thought many of the costumes shown are quite good, actually. But hey, it’s Triumph. He’s always good for a few chuckles.

[Team Coco via Laughing Squid]

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Cosplay from Edmonton Expo 2014

Don’t miss this super fun cosplay video from the recent Edmonton Expo 2014. YMMPodcast was on the scene and did a remarkable job capturing all the costume magic.

I love the big group shot on the stairs towards the end. Terrific job, Everyone!

[YMMPodcast via io9]

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Kittens Wear Assassin’s Creed Costumes

Everything’s better with kittens… including this wonderful tribute to Assassin’s Creed. These little balls of fur may look cute, but they are actually quite deadly. There is no escape!

This was made by Mr.TVCow, who certainly deserves a round of applause for his fine work.

[Mr.TVCow via Topless Robot]

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Star Wars Parody of the Song “Chandelier”

In case your day hasn’t been weird enough… here’s a heartwarming Star Wars parody of Sia’s song Chandelier.

A manly Princess Leia dances beautifully with Chewbacca. The chemistry between them is just amazing. Congrats to Eddie King and Tyler Marshall of Teddy Films for producing this magical musical.

[Teddy Films via Laughing Squid]

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Homemade Remake of Mad Max Trailer

CineFix has done it again, with another spectacular “homemade version” of a movie trailer. This time, they recreate the trailer for Mad Max, shot for shot. These guys don’t need a budget — they can get it down with toys and costumes. Great job!

Here’s the side by side comparison:

[via CineFix]

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