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Gorgeous Stargate Costume

I love this incredible Stargate costume, made and modeled by cosplayer Nyima-chan. The costume even lights up, wow.

What a brilliant idea! This cosplayer is certainly going places. 🙂

She looks like the real thing!

[Nyima-chan via Technabob]

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Adventure Time Gets a Gritty Reboot

The beloved TV show Adventure Time gets a gritty reboot, thanks to the talented people at GrittyReboots. It’s quite dark and sad, but I suppose that’s the point.

I especially like the Adventure Time costumes. Even Lemongrab makes a brief appearance. Very well done!

The Land of Ooo is dying, the magic that once populated it with magical creatures fading away. These are the last days of Jake and Finn, unless the last human can find a way to restore magic to the world.

[GrittyReboots via Kotaku]

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Real Ducks Recreate DuckTales Opening Theme Song

Watch these ducks wear fancy hats, and recreate the opening theme to Disney’s DuckTales. It’s a great tribute to the popular animated show that ran in the late 1980’s.

This was made by Oh My Disney, who carefully shot it scene for scene. You can compare it to the original, below. Adorable!

[Oh My Disney via Neatorama]

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Live Action Elsa in Official Frozen Costume

Australian actress Georgina Haig has been spotted in her full Elsa costume. She’s currently filming on the set of ABC’s Once Upon a Time. I’ve never seen her act, but she certainly looks the part.

So what’s in store for Elsa? Co-creator Adam Horowitz gave the following hint:

“What we can say is we’re very aware of what we think makes this character from Frozen so special,” he revealed to E! News. “We want to honor that and make sure that what we do is in the universe that everyone fell in love with this past year.”

[via Yahoo]

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The Perfect Peter Griffin Cosplay

It’s a real life Peter Griffin! And I mean that literally, it says so on his Facebook page. Watch this stand up routine performed at the recent Allentown Comic Con 2014.

He looks and sounds exactly like him, how funny.

[Albotas via Kotaku]

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How George R.R. Martin Writes Death Scenes in Game of Thrones

Boy, fans of Game of Thrones sure are clever. Here’s a great video by Mr.TVCow which gives us a first person view into the mind of author George R.R. Martin. To say Martin has a knack for killing off his characters would be an understatement, and this live action reenactment shows no one is safe. And choosing how someone dies is the greatest game of all.

There’s lots of fun costumes from the show, and a good dose of humor. Great job!

[Mr.TVCow via Laughing Squid]

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Amazing Game of Thrones Wedding

Kerry Ford and Darren Prew got married in extreme style, after winning a Game of Thrones contest sponsored by Blinkbox. The lucky couple and their friends got to dress up in amazing costumes. Wow, what a wedding! This all took place at the lovely Eastnor Castle in Herefordshire, England.

Congrats to the happy couple!

[blinkbox via Huffington Post]

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The Pugs of Westeros Rule All

We’re missing out, Americans. There’s an entire Pug-version movie of Game of Thrones online, but it’s only available in the UK. TV streaming company blinkbox commission the production from Phillip and Sue Lauer, 57, the proud owners of Roxy, Blue and Bono.

Let’s hope this adorable production gets a wider release soon. 🙂

[blinkbox via Buzzfeed]

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