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Star Wars High School Musical

Back in 1996, a group of high school students from Palos Verdes Peninsula High School put together an awesome Star Wars musical. It was made entirely by students, and they used music from Les Miserables, Tommy and Godspell.

It’s pretty incredible. The play was squashed by Lucas’ lawyers, so it’s gone mostly unheard of until now. Thanks to, the entire performance has been put on the Web for all to see.

I’ve posted the first two parts from Act 1. Follow the links to view the entire musical!

[Funny Farms Films via]

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“Batman Live” Show Needs Superheroes

Want to be part of the Batman Live World Tour? Grab your costume and head to the open auditions on Jan. 25, 2011. It would probably help if you live near London….

Looks like an amazingly fun time. The show kicks off in Europe this year, then comes to North America in 2012.

Male & Female actors (18 – 40 yrs) for the characters of BATMAN, ROBIN, CATWOMAN, JOKER, HARLEY QUINN
Character costumes are encouraged

Tuesday 25th January 2011
I.N.C Space
9-13 Grape Street
Registration: 08.30 – 10.00 am

A high level of response is anticipated; we recommend that you register your intention to attend on You will receive a confirmation email, which you should have with you during registration on the morning. This will enter you for the fast track queue (limited availability).

For more information, please visit

[BatmanLive via ObsessedwithFilm]

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The Hoff is Captain Hook

Check out David Hasselhoff dressed as Captain Hook, posing with KITT, no less. He’s performing in a production of Peter Pan at the Wimbledon theater in England.

I guess this is a fairly big deal, as the Wimbledon is celebrating its 100th anniversary and this famous play is getting a lot of attention.

Well, good for The Hoff. I hear his reality TV show got cancelled rather quickly, so let’s hope this job fares better for him.

[via TheSuperficial]

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Klingon Opera Opens in Netherlands

Klingon opera? Yes!

A group called the Terran Research Ensemble are now performing entirely in Klingon at the Zeebelt Theatre in the Netherlands.

I love this idea, but honestly I’m not that impressed with the costumes. I mean… they’re okay, but I’ve seen better Klingon costumes on your average fan at Comic Con. Think I’m being too harsh?

Hab SoSlI’ Quch!

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Butterfly Costume Performance


New York costume designer Annie Hickman is lending a hand to participants of this weekend’s Smoky Hill River Festival in Salina, Kansas.

During the last several weeks, Hickman has led a workshop helping children make butterfly costumes. Not only do the children make their costumes, but they learn to move and dance like a butterfly as well.


Traveling with the butterflies will be one rose, portrayed by Nina Petersen-Beard, a Salina Area Technical College student.

“I feel like part of ‘Alice in Wonderland,'” Petersen-Beard said, after tugging on the arm coverings of her elaborate costume. “I am the rose. I feel awesome.”

The rose’s movements will be slower and more elegant, Hickman told her. In addition to the parades across the festival grounds and butterfly dances, Hickman will perform in her incredible array of handmade insect costumes during her shows, “The Love Bug Hug” and “Weaving the Wild,” on the children’s stage during the festival.

Absolutely gorgeous costumes! What a fantastic experience for these kids. Have fun, Everybody!



[via Photos by Jeff Cooper.]

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A Klingon Christmas Carol

Klingon Christmas Carol

Just when I think I’ve heard it all. A Klingon Christmas Carol? You betcha.

A theater troupe in Minneapolis is performing the Christmas Carol in Klingon costumes, and the entire performance is spoken in Klingon! Apparently they’ve been doing this for a few years now.

To catch this year’s show, you can purchase tickets directy from the Mixed Blood Theatre.

Scrooge has no honor, nor any courage. Can three ghosts help him to become the true warrior he ought to be in time to save Tiny Tim from a horrible fate? Performed in the Original Klingon with English Supertitles, and narrative analysis from The Vulcan Institute of Cultural Anthropology.

The Dickens classic tale of ghosts and redemption adapted to reflect the Warrior Code of Honor and then translated into tlhIngan Hol (That’s the Klingon Language).

Written & Translated by Doqtuj vestai-ruStaj, Q’DroS vestai-Kiln, Qe’pa sutai-Qul, Qob zantai-Hurric, and qurgh sutai-lungqIj

Here’s a news report on their 2007 performance.

[ via BoingBoing]

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Nicholas Brendon’s Santaland Costume Photos

Santaland Diaries Costume Photos

Here’s a treat for Buffy fans. Nicholas Brendon, who played Xander in the hit series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is starring in a one man play called The Santaland Diaries. The show takes placed at The Blank’s 2nd Stage Theatre in Hollywood, and opens this weekend.

He looks…very elfy. Good for him, to carry an entire show all by himself. This definitely sounds fun.

From the theatre that brought you the year-long sold-out run of David & Amy Sedaris’ THE BOOK OF LIZ, THE SANTALAND DIARIES is an outrageously funny one-man play by NPR’s well-loved humorist David Sedaris, about Sedaris’ experiences as an unemployed writer taking a job as an elf at Macy’s. At first the job is simply humiliating, but once the thousands of visitors start pouring through Santa’s workshop, he becomes battle weary and bitter, occasionally taking out his frustrations on the children and parents alike.

Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at or by calling (323) 661-9827. THE SANTALAND DIARIES will run on a Thursday-Saturday schedule at 8pm, and Sunday at 2pm through December 20. There will be a special performance November 24 at 8pm, and no performance on Thursday, November 26.


Santaland Diaries Costume Photos

Santaland Diaries Costume Photos

[via BroadwayWorld]

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A Costumed Symphony Tribute to Video Games

Wow, what a great video to wake up to. This may be the coolest thing I’ve seen!

This is a live performance of Seattle’s Marrowstone in the City program. This quartet plays a medley of songs from video games – and they’re in costume! It’s kind hard to see the two in back – I think one is dressed as Link (ah, yes. The credits say Ash Ketchum and Link). But you can clearly see Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach play some of the finest music in the world.

Here’s a rundown of all the songs they play:

The Legend of Zelda
Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario World

1st Violin – Koyo Kim (Mario)
2nd Violin – Gen Kim (Ash Ketchum)
Viola – Justine Preston (Luigi)
1st Cello – Lennart Jansson (Link)
2nd Cello – Sarah Stone (Princess Peach)


Thanks so much to Meegan for the tip!

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