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Man Lip Syncs ‘The Revolutionary Costume for Today’

Just what your Monday needed… a lively performance of The Revolutionary Costume for Today, by lip-syncing YouTuber mrharris222.

This song is from the 2006 musical Grey Gardens, which is based off the famous 1975 documentary of the same name. It tells the story of two eccentric relatives of Jackie Kennedy, living in a rundown mansion. Here’s a clip from the documentary.

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Rocky Horror as DC Comics Superheroes

Rocky Horror with Superheroes? What a fantastic idea! The Home of Happiness performers are doing just that. If you’re in the Montclair, NJ area, you can even catch their shows this weekend.

Visit Fashionably Geek for more publicity photos, or head over to The Home of Happiness for complete info.

This Halloween season the Home of Happiness will be putting on TWO Halloween shows in Montclair, NJ at the Bellevue Theatre. We will be performing on Friday and Saturday October 26th & 27th at midnight. Halloween is the biggest holiday for us Rocky Horror folks and we’ll be pulling out all the stops. If you think our show is outragous regularly, just wait till you see what we do on these shows.

[via Fashionably Geek]

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Awesome Custom Spider-Man Costume

Joseph, a stuntman and parkour runner, sent me these photos of his awesome custom Spider-Man costume. Yes, he definitely does Spidey justice with these acrobatic poses. Very cool!

Joseph got the costume from, but that company is no longer in business. *Marvel, cough, lawyers* or something. Too bad we all can’t get along, because this is one incredible costume.

You can view more photos of Joseph and his costume group on


Bonus video! The talented performers from the Spider-Man musial, Turn Off the Dark recently performed on Letterman. I’m still not sure what to make of this, LOL.

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Video from Batman Live Show

Here’s a clip from the Batman Live world tour, which starts this month in the UK.

I think this looks awesome. A lot lighter in tone than the Dark Knight, eh? For a live show like this to work, it needs to be big and bright and colorful. Looks totally fun!

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Sleepover Costume Show for Adults

Remember how fun sleepovers were as a child? But then we grew up, and the joy and innocence of youth was gone forever.

But all is not lost, my elderly friends. The Barbican theater in London is putting on a Sleepover Show for adults! Yes, seriously.

You can reserve a bed, enjoy a show full of costume goodness, then be served breakfast the following morning. Doesn’t that sound like fun? They do have strict rules – no “shenanigans” are allowed.

How unusual! If you can make it to London, this sleepover show runs until July 24th, 2011.

[Barbican via TDW]

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Preview of Spider-Man Musical

I just got an email from Spider Bob, informing me of this preview for the upcoming Spider-Man musical, Turn Off the Dark. Honestly, I’m not sure what to say about this, other than the costumes are quite interesting.

Around the 2:38 mark you get to see a lot of costumes during one of Green Goblin’s songs. Why is there a dinosaur dancing behind him? Ah, the magic of theater.

Thanks for the tip, Spider-Bob!

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Trailer for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

Here’s a look at the latest promo for the revamped, all new, hopefully not a disaster, Spider-Man musical. Turn Off the Dark has been re-written and they want us to believe it’s going to be GREAT.

Let’s hope so!

[via Bleeding Cool]

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A Close Look at Batman Live Show

Here’s a close look at the upcoming traveling Batman musical, “Batman Live.” I posted back in January about an open casting call for this production, and now it looks like they’ve ramped up their publicity and are ready to go.

The World Tour starts in the UK this July, and will come to the U.S. sometime next year. This looks totally great, if you ask me. Quite an original idea, though I seem to recall Mad TV already doing something similar. 🙂

[ThisIsLondon via TDW Geeks]

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