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A Look Back at Marvel Superhero Movies

Here’s a fun look back at Marvel superhero movies. It’s hard to believe that Iron Man first appeared nearly 7 years ago. This clip was first shown at the recent Comic Con in San Diego.

[via Marvel Entertainment]

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New Photo of Affleck as Batman

Zack Snyder posted a great new photo on Twitter, giving us another look of Ben Affleck as Batman. Nice! That chin is so recognizable.

[via Zack Snyder]

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Amazing Captain Spider-Man Costume

The sheer talent of so many cosplayers never ceases to amaze me. Check out this impeccable Captain Spider-Man costume! I sure get a kick out of these crossover costumes, and this is certainly one of the best.

The costume was made by Redditor Darayz, who’s apparently still working on a shield. His goal is to have it all done by August 8th for Boston Comic Con. Best of luck to you, Sir!

[Reddit via Fashionably Geek]

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Swim Team Costume Party is Super

When their swim team had a costume party, these guys knew just what to do. What a great X-Men group! Such a clever way of incorporating their swimsuits into superhero outfits. Indeed, most superheroes seem to be wearing swimsuits already. LOL, great job!

[via Imgur]

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Marvel Universe Live Begins North American Tour

Here’s a look at Marvel Universe Live, featuring a show filled with stunts, explosions, and great costumes as our favorite superheroes save the day.

The show kicks off soon in Tampa, before launching an extensive 85-city tour in North America. Look awesome! Click here for ticket information.

[Marvel Universe Live via csmonitor]

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Recreating the Famous Spider-Man Kiss

Pete the Dog dresses up as Mary Jane Watson to recreate the famous kiss in Spider-Man. Ha, so awesome! What a fine actor.

[Pete N Tally via Laughing Squid]

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Awesome Batgirl Costume and Scooter

Just look at this lucky little Batgirl. What a great costume! It looks straight out of the 1960’s TV show. I guess somebody’s parents are big superhero fans? That custom scooter is fantastic, as well. Very, very nice.

[via Reddit]

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Father takes Son to his First Comic Con

What’s better than going to your first comic convention? Going with your dad, dressed like this! Fun times ahead. This great photo was posted by uncle opfawcett on Reddit.

Not sure which Con they’re going to, but I’m going to guess it’s somewhere in the UK.

My brother took his son to his first Comic Con yesterday. This is my favourite pic of them.

[via Reddit]

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