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Steampunk Iron Man


This incredible steampunk Iron Man costume won the Marvel costume contest at the New York Comic Con. Made by Matt Silva of Penny Dreadful Productions.



There’s more great costume photos on Marvel’s flickr.


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Steampunk Supergirl Costume


Check out this awesome Steampunk Supergirl costume! Complete with matching hat and umbrella, this is so very, very nice.

Proof that not every steampunk costume needs goggles…

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Listen to a Song about Steampunk

I like this original song about steampunk, composed and performed by Endarkened93. I think it’s fun and actually pretty good.

What do you think?

Yeah, I’m talkin’ ’bout steampunk
It’s really retro, but at the same time
it’s also techno
H.G. Wells did it pretty well
Jules Verne was great as hell
Yeah, I’m talkin’ ’bout Star Wars
and Final Fantasy Six
I gotta find me a steampunk chick
so we can make the make-believe come true

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The League of Steam Goes Troll Hunting

I just love it when the League of Steam releases a new video. These steampunk investigators sure have a knack for getting themselves in trouble!

Using their wits, and the power of steampunk, the League of Steam attempts to save a town from a troublesome troll. This troll is big, and very mean. He shouts, “Who goes there?” to everyone that passes by. LOL, of course, maybe it’s just because the troll doesn’t see very well.

When Crackitus, Professor Jager and Lady Potts investigate rumors of an angry Troll living under the old bridge, they find themselves in big trouble!

[via League of Steam]

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Steampunk Axis Powers Hetalia Costumes


Take a look at this steampunk Hetalia cosplay. Very nice! This is from last weekend’s 2010 FanimeCon in San Jose.

Axis Powers Hetalia is a Japanese manga comedy, where the world leaders are all young boys. Adding steampunk is a fun twist to this popular cosplay.

Ann as Russia, Angelica T. as Sealand, Allison as England and Katie Z. as United States. Photo by Deb Aoki.


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According to Wikipedia, “Wave-Gotik-Treffen is an annual world festival for dark music and arts in Leipzig, Germany…With 18,000 to 20,000 regular attendants, the WGT is one of the largest events of the Goth-, Cybergoth-, and Rivethead- subcultures worldwide”


So many incredible outfits all in one place!


Be sure to check out the rest of Sebastian Willnow’s photogallery via The Star Phoenix.


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Awesome Costume: Steampunk Overlord


Wow. Just… wow. I think this photo wins at steampunk, don’t you think?

This was a collaboration between Ian Finch-Field and Liam Brandon Murray. Incredible work, Guys!

See more photos on Geekologie.

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Selena Gunnheild Steampunk costume

This is such an incredible steampunk costume!


I can’t get over how awesome the mask is!


Check out the rest of the photos on

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