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Steampunk Green Lantern and Wonder Woman

Steampunk Green Lantern and Wonder Woman

It’s steampunk Green Lantern and Wonder Woman! Holy cow, they look amazing. This was taken at C2E2 2013 by talented photographer Chris Favero. Be sure to visit his Flickr page to view more photos from the event, he’s posted a big gallery of great costumes. Very nice!

[via Fashionably Geek]

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League of Steam Battles Zombies!

I sure love the League of Steam. I’ve been enjoying their second season very much this year. They go out with a bang in this zombie-filled season finale, appropriately named Dead End.

In this season’s thrilling conclusion, Crackitus, Thaddeus, Baron and Katherine are lured into a deadly trap. Will they conquer the undead horde, or are they doomed to become a zombie’s afternoon snack?

Here are some fun facts about this epic episode:

  • Over 70 cast & crew worked on this episode.
  • There are 40 zombies in the cast.
  • There were 6 professional stunt people that played ‘Stunt Zombies.’
  • It took 10 special effects makeup artists to give the zombies that extra undead goodness.

The League of Steam deserves a big round of applause, and I look forward to season 3!

[via LeagueofSteam]

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Felicia Day Goes Steampunk

Geeky actress Felicia Day gets all dressed up in steampunk gear, in her latest video blog. She even puts on a steampunk Codex costume from her Guild series.

The steampunk fashion shoot starts around the 2:25 mark. What a pretty lady, she looks so great.

Thanks to Gen for the tip!

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Steampunk Batman at Baltimore Comic-Con

This awesome steampunk Batman was spotted at the recent Baltimore Comic-Con.

I’ve seen a few steam Bats in my day, and this definitely ranks up there. I think its the handlebar mustache that really sells it. Great job!

[via TDW Geeks]

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Sexy Dark Steampunk Alice

Here’s a lovely look at Amber Love’s new steampunk costume called Dark & Strange Alice. Very cute!

Check out Amber Unmasked to view all the photos in this set. Also, be sure to look at her full tutorial to see how she made the costume. Great job, Amber!

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Steampunk Ash from Evil Dead Series

How cool is this? Steampunk Ash! What a distinguished demon-slaying gentleman.

Gores Truly has a nice long interview with Clifton, the creator. He talks about how he got into steampunk, why he chose the character Ash, and how he made the costume.

It’s a great read, be sure to check it out!

I don’t know if it was growing up reading classic sci-fi like Jules Verne, the romantic Victorian flair, or my previous career as an engineer, but I found that the steampunk style innately appealed to me. At the time, I was wearing a movie version costume of Ash from Army of Darkness and it occurred to me that the Evil Dead trilogy had a lot of Steampunk characteristics. So the idea of an alternate-era Ash with a ridiculous steam powered chainsaw became the top choice for my next DragonCon costume.

[Gores Truly xposted from Steampunk Costume]

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Save the Date: Steampunk Wedding Announcement

This is one of the best wedding announcements I’ve seen… The folks over at put together this “Save the Date” video to announce their friends’ wedding.

The couple is shown having a steampunk adventure together: Riding a Zeppelin, swinging on vines, battling monsters — this is awesome!

Congratulations to the lucky couple!

This September friends of Very Clever Sean Kelley and Chelsea Ives are having a Steampunk-themed wedding in Martha’s Vineyard. Obviously, a Save the Date video with Tesla Coils and Zeppelins was in order.

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Steampunk Costumes at the Edwardian Ball

Check out all the wonderful steampunk fashion in this video, recorded during the recent Edwardian Ball in Los Angeles. Wow, what an event, everyone looks so great!

Hat tip to Mark for emailing me the tip. He writes:

“Though you might enjoy this — the well-dressed and well-behaved crowd for the Edwardian Ball in Los Angeles wait to be admitted to the Music Box Theater…”

Great stuff! Thanks so much for sending this in!

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