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Prepping for the Maker Faire — Official Schedules Released

Maker Faire

Oh man, oh man, oh man! The Maker Faire is upon us very soon and we have every reason to latch on like a fly to his favorite flourescent. Infos have been peeping out the Interpipes for at least a few days now and we’re getting a better grasp of what to expect. In fact, a schedule has been whipped up courtesy the Maker site that will tickle your geek fancy:


Boiler Bar Stage
Jon Sarriugarte’s Boiler Bar Theater Presents
Craft Demos
• Soft Circuit Embroidery • How to Make Your Own Shoes…the Easy Way! • Make Your Own Free Range Mini-Monsters • Finger Puppets Who Wish To Not Die • Making Jewelry • Felt Faux Fruit • Create Ribbon Straw Flowers on Vintage Flower Looms • The DIY Bride: Quick & Easy Wedding Projects for Any Budget • Fashioning Technology: DIY Style • Pops! Icy Treats for Everyone • Guerilla Pattern Drafting • Create Your Own Photo Flip Book • Photojojo DIY Photo Blocks
Festival Stage
• EepyBird
Lion Brand Booth
• Lion Brand Yarn Unique Activities

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The Force is Not Strong With These Ones…

C3P0 Bad Costume

Do your friends think you spend way too much time on the Internet? Yeah, well mine do. It’s okay I’m over it… really.

Whatever, my problems aren’t the point. I’m here to lull you into a haze of Internet obsession you won’t want to cure. Unfortunately, I’m not clever enough nor do I have the resources to build an empire of distractions fit for your attention deficit disorder pleasures. Therefore, I will employ the masterful art of sharing links to keep your brain satisfied.

In my never ending search for jolly good costume weirdness I find some gems. But few are as gloriously self exposing and yet simultaneously gratifying as the page of Unfortunate Star Wars Costumes. Yes, that’s right. Captain Wacky is here to deliver a good list of fully embarrassing costumes that are enough to make you turn to the dark side. It makes me wonder why I don’t have friends who do things like this.

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MyDisguises Theater: Breaking Records

When you think of people setting world records, you think of some pretty impressive stuff. Well, we found a fairly beatable record that should be challenged. According to this YouTube video that was recently put up, the world record for the most people to be gathered in once place in video game character costumes is only just over 80. Impressive since the gaming community is so big…

There are plenty of iconic characters out there to mimic, and plenty of fans and cosplayers. In fact, I would wager to say that any big fan fest or convention has this record beat. But, it’s not official and that’s what counts I guess. Who’s going to be the first to smash this record officially?

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The Things You Find On Ebay – Steampunk Darth Vader

Steampunk Darth Vader

Are Star Wars fans synonymous with steampunk fans? Two worlds of the imagination couldn’t be more far apart than those two, but it seems that someone thinks they belong together.

In an unlikely marriage of these non-realities, a fan decided to make a Darth Vader steampunk getup for the tech/futuro-curious. According to the creator, this is a first time with anything Steampunk. Not bad on the bids for being a first timer, eh? Here are the words of the creator:

Welcome to my first venture into the art of steampunk. This Vader mask was sitting on my shelf for about 14 years.

It was originally purchased for me on my first trip to Disney World. Rather than get rid of it, I decided to have a little fun with it. I was inspired by some art from the Vader Project, and some other cool steampunk Star Wars stuff I found online. The mask itself was a Don Post mask. Not the best quality, but not the worst either. It is made of plastic and comes in two parts, the front face mask and the back dome. The two pieces are held together with velcro, wich actually works quite well. I modified the helmet by carving out detail to make it look like brass plate and adding several tacks to simulate rivets. This process was tedious and took forever. I finished it off with a WWI style helmet spike, which is actually a ceiling fan pull chain and an antique paint job. The chest plate was made from a shadow box frame (8 inches tall x 6 inches wide x 3 inches deep) and a bunch of cannibalized clock, and other device parts. I wired a green LED to a switch in the back that runs on two AA batteries. The steam tank was made from a piece of PVC pipe with a vintage pressure valve inserted into it. There are two holes drilled in the end of the tank which a rubber hose can be inserted into and then into the holes in the mask. I drilled out the spot where the tusk pieces should be. I am not going to permanently affix the hoses to the mask or the tank, in case the buyer wants to change them. The chest strap and shoulder straps were fashioned from a set of two men’s belts. the total width of the chest strap, including the chest piece is about 53 inches. The shoulder strap is in two pieces 22.5 inches and 18.5 inches in length. I did not cut any holes in the shoulder strap. I will leave that up to the buyer to measure. A lot of time went into making this piece. It would be a great start to a cool costume for either roleplaying or a convention, or just use it as a nice display piece. Dragoncon is right around the corner. Good luck and happy bidding!

Although this piece isn’t the caliber of some of the more focused steampunk DIY we’ve seen on the site, it’s on target for a first timer. Check it out and make a bid if you dare show your face at a fan fest any time soon.

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We Missed Wonder Con…


WonderCon CosplayYeah, colossal mess up on our part. Wonder Con is only one of the most classic dress up events this side of the equator. You would think we would have been on top of it. Missing Wonder Con coverage is about as bad as having to suck on sugar free candies for a month straight. It’s bad… real bad.

Luckily the guys at Wired took care of getting some good high quality photos in their Geek Chic Gallery.

For those of you who don’t know, Wonder Con is a haven for Comic, Gaming, Anime subculture gurus. It’s the spiritual sibling of Comic Con and is sponsored by EA… yeah that’s right, it’s big bananas. I can’t even justify this mistake.

I’m hopping on the phone today to scrounge up whatever deets (uh, details that is) I can. Maybe get me a press pass to next year’s event or something special for Comic Con.

So, I leave my most heartfelt apologies. I’ll scour the Interweb for the best pictures… in the meantime check out Wired’s gallery and forgive me as much as you can.

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My Disguises Pit Battle – Darth Vader vs. Optimus Prime

Could this be a battle of the ages? Transformers and Star Wars both held significant interest in the eighties, albeit branching into different interest groups. Both have also received modern adaptations for a significant injection of retro love on the silver screen. Fans come from all walks of life on both these two series and so we decided to put these costumes in the ring and battle it out. Which one comes out on top? Which one will step down?

Darth Vader

Darth Vader – If you want to get a Vader costume going, you have to go all the way. Despite the fact that it could set you back hundreds of dollars to get your geeky fanboy Vader loving self into one of these getups, it’s still impressive. Call it obsessive, but who doesn’t love some Darth Vader?

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime – We picked Optimus Prime for opposing reasons to the Darth costume. You can’t really buy an Optimus Prime costume. Well, not a good one. That doesn’t stop DIY fans everywhere from making their own and making it awesome. Optimus Prime gets points for originality and creativity, but does it stack up against the authentic Vader getup?

Cast your votes and see who wins…

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Posing in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is a Moment of Truth for the Seafair Pirates

As probably one of the longest running and most looked at costumed group of entusiasts, the Seafair Pirates have stepped into the limelight and are poised to be seen by readers of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.


 Model Melissa Haro poses with the Seafair Pirate crew 


The Seafair Pirates are an organization started in 1949 that has spent time and energy uniting people in events for charity and otherwise. Despite it’s antiquated look, their homepage boasts over 6.5 million visits, so their clout is not to be ignored. Since the film shoot, the Seattle group has made headlines all over for their participation in a photo shoot that is expected to be seen by over 300 million viewers. How’s that for exposure?

According to a news article, fashion designer Victoria Glenn doesn’t seem to mind all the unrecognized publicity:

“It doesn’t matter,” said Victoria Glenn, who designed the gear for Pirates’ captain, Kevin Craft. “Just to see your work in a publication like that is so thrilling.”

Glenn, a teacher at the New York Fashion Academy in Ballard, has been a designer for more than three decades and has a shop in North Seattle. She’s made gear for some Seafair Pirates off and on for the last 10 years. She also made the wedding dress for Bill Gates’ wife, Melinda, and lists local jazz legend Ernestine Anderson as a client.

We would have to agree. The costumes are great and the traditions run deep. It’s notable that any costumed group of enthusiasts could last this long and have this much to show for. So it begs the question then… are pirates officially better than ninjas?


Melissa Haro seafair Pirates 2

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An Intro to “Steampunk” – Steampunk is a culture that is ripe for the costume world. Most people who love steampunk have put some time into making their own stuff, and we take a quick look at what’s behind it all.

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