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Toddler Santa Costume

Look at this adorable little Santa costume!

I don’t normally post Costume Craze’s Deal of the Day, but I thought this was totally worth mentioning. For babies and toddlers, the Santa costume is only $8.95, and ships for $3.99. For one day only!

[via Costume Craze]

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Star Trek Dress – Amazing Deal of the Day

Just a heads up about an amazing Star Trek deal happening today.

Costume Craze is selling their Deluxe Red Star Trek Dress for $11.99, for today only. I have a feeling this will sell out fast!

Deal of the Day
Price: $11.99 – 82% off (Retail Price $64.99)
Shipping: $2.99

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Insane Costume Giveaway!

Attention MD Readers! There’s a crazy costume free-for-all bonanza happening, and I wanted to give you a heads up.

Costume Craze is unloading a bunch of costumes for 90% off. Spider-man costumes for just a few bucks, nice fairy costumes, kids costumes, dog costumes – FOR DIRT CHEAP.

Shipping is only $2.99, no matter how much you buy. This is a screaming costume deal that won’t last long. Seriously, WOW.


      $19.95                    $38.95                                     $79.99

      $1.99                      $3.89                                       $7.99

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Awesome Star Wars Apparel on Sale

Just a heads up that Shopecko is having a clearance sale on their really cool Star Wars apparel. Woo hoo!

Awesome Star Wars Apparel on SaleAwesome Star Wars Apparel on Sale

Awesome Star Wars Apparel on SaleAwesome Star Wars Apparel on Sale

Start Shopping!

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Spider-Man Costumes, Super Cheap

Spider-Man CostumesSpider-Man CostumesSpider-Man Costumes

I must say I’m blown away by the low prices of Spider-Man costumes at Costume Craze. They are having a huge sale right now, and it’s a perfect time to stock up on your Spider-Man gear.

They have a bunch of costumes at over half off, and that’s a serious chunk of change. It brings new meaning to the phrase “Spider Cents” – ha, thanks, I’ll be here all week.

With a Spider-Man musical coming in the near future, and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4 fast tracked as well, the web slinger will be back in full force in no time at all.

At MyDisguises, we prefer to focus on costumes, and not so much on commerical advertising. But when we see a deal this good, well – we like to spread the word!

[via Costume Craze]

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A Short History, Part 3

This is the third and final part of the history of my personal costuming experience.

Part Three: Post-College


These days, I try not to be too serious about costuming. I’m good enough of a seamstress now that I don’t stress about irreparably screwing it up and wasting a lot of money. If a situation pops up where I need a costume (I have a friend who is fond of throwing costume parties, for example), my strategy is to glance at my wardrobe and what costume pieces I have on hand, and just piece something together. I’ll make new pieces or buy them if I feel it’s necessary to complete the costume. That’s exactly what I did last year for Halloween, and I think my Little Red Riding Hood costume turned out very well. Even better is that I didn’t spend a lot of time, effort, and money on it!

But that’s not all I do with costuming. I’ve always been fascinated with historical fashion, and these days I do a lot of sewing to make garb. It seems more practical to me than costumes, although I’m not sure how I’ve convinced myself of that, because it’s not like I go to Renaissance fairs any more often than other costuming events. But I did get to go to one this spring! I ended up making medieval clothes for almost my whole family, so that we could look awesome at the Ren Faire. (And we definitely did look awesome.) Maybe I’ll end up selling garb at a Ren Faire someday.

It’s not all fun and games, either. My penchant for costuming has not escaped the notice of my friends, and now I’ve been asked to design and create the wardrobe for a feature-length independent film which my friends will be shooting this summer. For the film, I’m only making one costume from scratch, but it’s pretty exciting.

I’m definitely doing a lot more costuming now than ever before in my life. And I’m enjoying it a lot more than ever before too! The experience I’ve gained in sewing makes designing and constructing the costumes a lot more easy and enjoyable for me, while I can still challenge myself by trying styles and methods I haven’t done before. In the meantime I’ve come across more reasons to costume, just for the fun of it. Maybe my next birthday party will be a costume party!

I suppose the moral of the story is, if you like costuming, don’t let the lack of events stop you. Just keep on making costumes. I’ve had several events recently where I was really glad I had a costume stash, so that I could lend them to people and quickly come up with costumes for parties and other things. If you like doing it, do it! And if you’re really desperate for reasons to wear your costumes, I know we have entries addressing that matter in our archives.

Most importantly, have fun with it!

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The Wheels of Creativity

train.jpgSometimes it’s hard finding a costume, especially if you’re looking for something clever and unordinary.

You may think that costume choices for wheel chair dwellers would be limited. But as these pictures illustrate, the physical limitations of wheelchair life impose no restrictions on creativity.

In fact, the wheelchair is incorporated into the costume to create an entire mobile scene, like a parade float.

The most important factor in creating a wheelchair costume is safety.

aladdins-carpet.jpgThe costume must allow for chair mobility and be free of anything that might get tangled in the wheels.

With safety considerations well in hand, when it comes to creative costume choices, the sky’s the limit…not the chair.

Roll on!


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The Heather Gold Show on Steampunk at Maker Faire

Heather Gold

With Maker Faire only hours away, news is pouring in as to what we should expect. This time, they’ve got something planned for the steampunk fans.

Comedian and self-proclaimed geek Heather Gold is broadcasting a live show from Maker with a panel of steampunk senseis that are sure to answer your questions and get you thinking about the forward progress of steampunk DIY.

Steampunk tinkerer and master of The Steampunk Workshop, Jake Von Slatt, will be in attendance. Heather will also be discussing matters with Steampunk Magazine editor and purveyor of authentic steampunk fashion Libby Bulloff as well as Abney Park lead vocalist Captain Robert.

The agenda is to dig deeper into steampunk culture, address the emergence factor, discuss it’s place in modern pop culture, and get down to the nitty gritty of this cultural disguise that is capturing more and more.

The panel will be at 4:00 p.m. at Maker Faire, and Abney Park will be playing the event. If you have golden tickets, bring us back some videos!

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