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Men in Belted Sweaters

Men in Belted Sweaters! Looks like a great publication.

The 70’s were so stylish and manly, I wish I could go back in time….

[Visual Newsvia DailyWhat]

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Happy New Year!

Who’s going to a costume party for New Year’s? Have a safe and fun celebration, Everyone!

Here’s a look at some 1920’s Flappers to help you dance your way into 2011! Happy New Year!

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The 1982 Tron Holiday Special?

Good old Funny or Die, they just released a trailer for the imaginary 1982 Tron Holiday Special. LOL! This looks almost as good as the notorious Star Wars Christmas Special.

They managed to recreate the old Tron costumes pretty well, I think. I love the retro 80s vibe. To compare, he’s the old trailer for the original 1982 Tron movie.

This movie was way ahead of its time!


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Vintage Photo from 1950s USO Parade

I spied this interesting photo Back in the 1950s during a USO parade, they created a futuristic float to depict the USO entertaining troops on the moon. Huh.

So this is what living on the moon looks like, LOL. We will wear fishbowls and transparent trash bags!

Archivist Ryan Bean found this photo, and sums it up quite well:

It’s from the Charleston Armed Services YMCA, dated Oct 3rd, 1958. Apparently this was a float in a parade showing off a future USO on the moon. I especially like how she is wearing heels on the moon. Always gotta look your best, even on the moon!


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Vintage Photo from Halloween 1941

Here’s an interesting old photo of kids celebrating Halloween in 1941. You can click on the image to view larger size.

Honestly? I think their costumes look pretty similar to the costumes of today, except these days we’d see less clowns and more superhero costumes. Though I think I see Zorro in the middle of the group, which is pretty cool.

[Life via tywkiwdbi]

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Funny Kids Cigar Costume


A kid’s Cigar Costume? Ah the good ol’ days, when it was okay to dress your kids as tobacco products.

LOL, I don’t think anyone could get away with that these days! It was definitely a different time back then, when Cookie Monster smoked a pipe on Sesame Street, and candy cigarettes were sold to kids.

This kids cigar costume was posted on Flickr by asantavi, who writes:

Can you imagine dressing a child as a cigar in this day and age? Apparently my parents thought it was a great costume for my brother in the early 1970s.

[via asantavi]

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Retro Masks and Costumes from 1978


I’m getting a kick out of these old masks and costumes from 1978. These are scans of actual pages that appeared in a 1978 Traveller’s catalog, courtesy of ToyRanch on Flickr.

I’ll go out on a limb and say that the Halloween industry has come a long way in the last 30 years. 🙂




[ToyRanch via BoingBoing]

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Gallery of Retro Costumes

retro-costumes-1 put together a wonderful gallery of old costumes. They call it “cosplay on acid,” lol, so true!

It seems like back then, every costume had the character printed on the shirt. I guess they did that because the costumes were so bad, it was the only way to tell what you’re supposed to be.










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