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Finely Dressed Sheep Spotted in Moscow

This finely dressed sheep was spotted outside a restaurant in Moscow. Turns out, it’s Tolik the Sheep, a local celebrity and the “happiest and most carefree sheep in Moscow.” Adorable.

Tolik the Sheep is the biggest media personality in our company. The newspaper Vedomosti and restaurant magazines write about and interview Tolik and the most popular TV channels shoot videos with our handsome friend. He is invited to the openings of various restaurants and also to events in bars.

[ via Reddit]

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Adorable Dog in a Lobster Costume

This little security guard is watching over his giant lobster, at the Maine Lobster Festival in Rockland. Ha, great costume! He takes his job seriously.

[via Imgur]

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Adorble Princess Leia Kitty

My goodness. Cutest kitty ever? What an adorable Princess Leia!

Wendy is a fabulous photographer, with a great gallery on Flickr featuring more photos of this little princess. There’s also Kitty Doctor Who, Gandalf, and more. Way to cute.

[Wendy via Fashionably Geek]

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Crocheted Unicorn Mask for Dogs

Here’s an awesome unicorn mask for dogs, crocheted by Hiroko Fukatsu. She’s a crafty knitter from Tokyo, and made this to celebrate Japan’s Year of the Horse in 2014.

Unfortunately, these masks aren’t for sale. This was just a one-time creation to make special holiday cards.

The next year (2014) is “year of the Horse” in Japan. So I made this for New Year’s cards. (I made ​​this without a pattern and I have no plans to write a pattern. Thank you for your understanding!)

[Ravelry via Neatorama]

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Pizza Costume for Papa Murphy’s

Here’s a nice look at the official mascot costume for Papa Murphy’s. What a tasty looking pizza! This was posted by Redditor etchman97, who works hard to bring in new customers. The way I see it… it’s nice to have a job, and it’s nice to wear costumes. I call this a win.

This is my job…

[via Reddit]

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Meet Boots the Costume Loving Dog

Meet Boots, the costume loving dog! He’s a very patient fellow, who doesn’t seem to mind that his owner loves dressing him in costumes. He knows just how to strike a pose, what a good dog.

There’s a fun gallery over Buzzfeed that features his many costumes. Boots dresses up as a Powderpuff Girl, reindeer, hipster, Minion from Despicable Me, and much more! Follow the link to view the full gallery. Great job, Boots!

[via Buzzfeed]

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Guinea Pigs Compete in Costumes

These little guys competed in the costume competition at the annual Guinea Pig Festival in Churin, Peru. Aren’t they cute? What an adorable couple.

[via Reddit]

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Dog Relaxes after a Long, Hard Day

Ha, what a great photo. He looks so relaxed, and doesn’t seem to mind being dressed up one bit. I do believe this is a French Mastiff? Such a good looking dog.

[via Reddit]

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