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Captain America Costume with a Turban

“I wore that costume to challenge the way New Yorkers think about superheroes — and bearded Sikhs like me…”

There’s an interesting article on by Vishavjit Singh. He wore a Captain America costume, complete with turban, in Central Park. He wanted children and adults alike to rethink their views of superheroes, Sikhs, and what it means to be American.

It’s a fascinating read, with many more photos by photographer Fiona Aboud. Head on over to Salon for the full story!

[via Salon. Photo by Fiona Aboud]

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Batman and Captain America Rescue

Did you hear the news? Batman and Captain America saved a cat from a fire. They are real life heroes! John Buckland and Troy Marcum were dressed in costumes for a children’s event, when they noticed smoke from a burning home. They stopped to help, and were the first on the scene.

The kitty was unconscious, but Batman was able to revive it. What a great story!

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Clown-Themed Wedding in PA

Love is no joke, but that doesn’t mean you can’t clown around at your wedding. Each year, Lancaster, PA hosts a clown festival, and this year there was an official wedding between two clowns.

They wear clown costumes and stay in character, even putting on a little show while they exchange their vows. How romantic. Hey, if you can laugh with your spouse, chances are you’ll stay together. Congrats to the clown couple!

[via ABC News]

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Woman Hikes Mountain in Fancy Ball Gown

Wow, this gal hiked to the top of Mount Rainier while wearing a big fancy ball gown. Harmony Sage Lawrence is a seamstress and fashion designer from Portland, Oregon. She went to Mount Rainier for a photo shoot in the lower forests, but then decided to walk the full 7-mile-long trail to the top. That’s quite an adventure!

I honestly wasn’t planning to hike the mountain trail to the top, but once we got going on the trails it wasn’t that bad to keep going, so we made it to the top walking destination, anything beyond the point we got to was for snow shoes. I estimate we walked anywhere from 4 to 6 miles that day.

[temperate-sage via Yahoo]

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Costumed Penguins Welcome African Politicians

Now this is what I call a welcoming committee. These African penguins got all dressed up to welcome 50 African leaders visiting Japan. This meet and greet was held at the Hakkeijima Sea Paradise amusement park in Yokohama. So adorable! What a great way to make their guests feel honored and welcome.

[via Yahoo News]

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Costume Tribute for Crossing Guard

Here’s a sweet costume story. Students at St. Ignatius School dressed up in costumes to honor their beloved crossing guard, who is retiring after 11 years.

Bob Sweet is well known for wearing costumes as he guides students across the street. His costumes help him stand out, so drivers see him and slow down. Plus, the kids all love the costumes.

When he announced his retirement, several students surprised him by showing up in costumes. What a great tribute! Very touching. Head on over to Winnipeg Free Press for the full story, and more fun photos.

[Photos by Ken Gigliotti. Via Winnipeg Free Press]

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Happy Couple Wears Matching Outfits for 35 Years

Now this is love… Nancy and Donald Featherstone have been wearing matching outfits for over 35 years! So romantic.

Nancy makes all the clothes by hand, and they have a total of 600 matching outfits. Amazing! Even when Donald traveled on business, they would coordinate what to wear to make sure they still matched. Read the story on The Sun for the full scoop.

[The Sun via Laughing Squid]

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Daughter Dresses as Famous Women from History

Costumes are a great way to teach history. Just ask photographer Jaime Moore, who dressed up her daughter as five iconic women. While her daughter loves to dress up as Disney princesses, her mom wanted to teach her about a few real life heroes.

Jaime did a great job with the costumes, and little Emma looks just like her historical counterparts. What a neat costume project, one I’m sure Emma will never forget.

[Jaime Moore via CNN]

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