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Spider-Man Raps with his Super Friends

Spider-Man goes gangster in this music video parody of All Gold Everything by Trinidad James. And he’s not alone– he has Batman, Captain America, and Mario backing him up. Pretty silly, but I like it. 🙂

[via Mrchocolateslol]

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Administrators Rap about School Closure

North Carolina’s Durham Academy leader Michael Ulku-Steiner and his assistant Lee Hark announced their school was closed due to weather– with a rap song! They get dressed up in Olympic gear and sing to the appropriate Vanilla Ice tune “Ice, Ice Baby.”

Ha, I bet the kids loved it. What a fun thing for school administrators to do!

[DurhamAcademyComm via Neatorama]

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Rap Viper: G.I. Joe Costume Rap Video

G.I. Joe fan and talented musician Wordburglar has recently released this awesome music video for the song Rap Viper. Wow, Cobra Commander has some skills, I’m impressed.

The song is from the album Welcome to Cobra Island, which is available to order from

[Burgie Stable via Laughing Squid]

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Music Video: The Costume Zoo

Here’s a fun music video about a costume zoo! Actually, if you think about it, the story is kind of scary. Some cosplayers are having fun with their animal costumes, when they get mysteriously knocked out and kidnapped. To their horror, they wake up trapped in a costume zoo. Oh my! Great job, Guys.

[via NotNowJordan]

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Fun Fashion in Music Video about Hot Dogs

This strange music video is apparently going viral, and has even been reported on a few news stations. $2 Dollar Hot Dog $1 Dollar Water is the name of the tune, and sure enough the lyrics are all about hot dogs and water. LOL, okay then.

It’s performed by by Bishop Frederick Barr, Dr. Erica Barr, and Kyhil Smith. The video features lots of funky fashion and fun wigs, and the song is actually pretty catchy. Careful, you might catch yourself singing about hot dogs for the rest of the day.

[$2 Dollar Hot Dog $1 Dollar Water via Laughing Squid]

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80s Band the Inspiration for Daft Punk?

Here’s an old 80s music video, perfect for Throwback Thursday. The song is Land of Hunger, by The Earons. Notice the motorcycle helmets, futuristic fashion, and synthesized music? Hmm, did Daft Punk “borrow” their act? The similarity is enough to make some folks wonder. Interesting!

[via Neatorama]

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Singing in Sherlock Holmes Costumes

Musical duo AVbyte made a great tribute to BBC’s Sherlock television series. To celebrate the show’s season 3 return, they dressed up in Sherlock costumes and perform Sherlock – The Musical.

Ha, this is really great. Though if you haven’t watched the show, but plan to, you may want to beware of spoilers.

[AVbyte via Laughing Squid]

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Man of Steel: The Middle School Musical

What’s better than a Superman musical? When it’s performed by middle school kids, of course! This was part of Rhett & Link’s Mythical Show that aired last summer. Funny stuff. Superman’s kind of arrogant, but who can blame him? 🙂

[via Rhett & Link]

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