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Mermaid Monday

It’s Mermaid Monday! Here are some great photos of Mermaid Malena, a stunning mermaid performer and pro scuba diver.

When Malena is not in her mermaid costume, she is the owner of Chesapeake Bay Diving Center, based in Portsmouth, VA. CBDC is a full service diving center for recreational and commercial divers.

Learn more about Mermaid Malena on Facebook!


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Mermaid Monday

Welcome to Monday Mermaid!

Take a look at this adorable crocheted mermaid baby costume, made and sold by AshleyBelinda on Etsy. For $30, your precious baby can transform into a princess of the sea, though it’s probably best if this costume doesn’t get wet. 🙂

[via AshleyBelinda]

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Mermaid Monday

Today’s Mermaid Monday features the lovely Mermaid Marla!

Marla has lived in California and Hawaii, and is currently based in Southwest Florida. She’s loved swimming all of her life, and is a certified Scuba diver. It wasn’t until fairly recently that she learned The Way of the Mermaid and got herself a tail.

Now Marla performs for events, charities and parties, and she’s heavily invested in saving our oceans and marine life. Follow the links for more information about Mermaid Marla and view her large photo gallery, videos, and booking information for your next event!

I had never heard of people making tails and swimming in them. Well, it was only a matter of time before I found a tail maker and purchased my first “real” mermaid tail and I haven’t looked back since. I can honestly say that when I’m swimming in my mermaid tail there isn’t a more freeing feeling then that!

Learn more about Mermaid Marla:

[, Facebook & YouTube]

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Mermaid Monday

It’s Mermaid Monday!

Take a look at this astonishing mermaid cosplay of Ariel and her sisters. All photos were shot by Usagi-Tsukino-krv. Check out her gallery for loads of incredible cosplay photos.

So lovely… wonderful job!

[Usagi-Tsukino-krv via Geekogolie]

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Mermaid Monday

Mermaid Odette

Monday has arrived with a splash! Here’s Mermaid Odette, enjoying the water and doing what mermaids do best. Very lovely!

Mermaid Odette is the only known professional mermaid in Tucson, AZ. She’s available for parties, corporate events, weddings and more. Her interests include water conservation, marine biology, and promoting freedom of self expression and creativity to children.

If you’re in the Tucson area, you can watch her perform at Valley of the Moon, and she will be the main attraction at the Tucson Water Festival.

Follow the links below to learn more about Mermaid Odette, and hire her for your next special event!

Learn more about Mermaid Odette:

[, Facebook, YouTube & Twitter]

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Mermaid Monday

Mermaid Raven

Welcome to another edition of Mermaid Monday!

This is the amazing Mermaid Raven, a professional mermaid and co-owner of Merbellas. Based in Tampa, FL, they provide first class mermaid entertainment for all occasions. She looks absolutely stunning, what an amazing costume.

Follow the links to learn more about Mermaid Raven and Merbellas. If you live in the Tampa area, consider hiring them — nothing beats the summer heat like a mermaid pool party.

Aspiring mermaids can also shop for handmade tops and accessories in Raven’s Etsy store.

Merbellas LLC is Based out of Tampa Florida. We provide a once in a lifetime opportunity for events and parties to bring the amazement of living mermaids right to your guests. imagine a dream come true while they swim and talk with our lovely ladies of the deep. Perfect for all ages. We also offer several beautiful photo opportunities and can even provide a photographer and photo development station so that your guests can take home a lasting reminder of there amazing day with Merbellas LLC.

We specialize in elaborate props and event decor for our mermaids. Don’t have a pool? No problem! Our company offers a portable “Mermaid Aquarium”. This is something truly unique and exclusive to Merbellas LLC. Your guests can be face to face with live mermaids underwater, an enchanting experience for sure!

We also offer a giant clam shell display, have your picture taken with a mermaid inside of a 6ftx6ft Giant clam shell!

Learn more about Merbellas:

[, Facebook, YouTube & Etsy]

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Mermaid Monday

Mermaid Lindon

Welcome to Mermaid Monday!

Mermaid Lindon is a true Mermaid professional with an amazing costume. Based in Los Angeles, she runs her own company called Mermaids in Motion, providing mermaid services for entertainment, charity, commercial and educational events. She can hold her breath underwater for 5 minutes! Wow, I didn’t even know that was possible. If you want a special birthday party, she can turn your pool into an aquarium!

She also produces a Mermaid web series called the Mermaid Minute. It’s a great way for kids to learn about the ocean. Very impressive!

She always felt most comfortable and happy in the water. Swimming led to a passion for snorkeling, SCUBA and freediving; taking Linden around the globe to explore the seas and pools of the world, and all creatures great and small. With a BA in Film and Science from Emerson College, Linden’s knowledge both behind and in front of the camera have proven to be invaluable in her aquatic pursuits. A professional underwater model, videographer and avid diver, she hopes to reach, inspire and educate others, namely children, about ocean conservation and water safety through her unusual line of work. Linden resides in Los Angeles.

Here’s a great video that shows how she made her tail. Follow the links to learn more about Mermaid Lindon, aquatic life, and costuming.

Photo by Ric Frazier

Top Photo by Jonathan Harvey Photos.

[MermaidsinMotion, Facebook & YouTube Series]

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Mermaid Monday

Raina the Halifax Mermaid

Welcome to Mermaid Monday! This is a new weekly feature I want to try here on MyDisguises.

I was contacted by the friendly and helpful Mermaid Lorelei, who brought my attention to the lovely mermaid (and merman) costuming community. Yes, if you look around MyDisguises, you’ll notice I have left the mermaids high and dry. Well, it’s time to correct that!

I hope to feature a mermaid each week, and talk about making tails, tops, and other mermaid costume tips along the way. I am new to this scene, so I welcome tips and suggestions from mermaids. And if you want to be featured, please do contact me!

Today’s mermaid is Raina the Halifax Mermaid. What a gorgeous costume! Raina loves marine life, and she uses Mermaid folklore to raise awareness about oceanic ecology issues. She also puts a creative spin on mermaids to help encourage children to read.

Raina appears in an educational capacity at schools, and she’s also available for birthday parties, corporate events and photo shoots. Click Here to view her booking details.

What an impressive gal! Follow the links to learn more about Mermaid Raina. She has so many great photos and videos, I’ll be sure to feature more of her work in the future.

[ & Raina on Facebook]

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Big thanks to Mermaid Lorelei for contacting me!

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