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Announcing the MyDisguises Costume Hall of Fame!

Courtney Combs

What a great picture!!

We’re pleased to announce the new MyDisguises Costume Hall of Fame! We thought it would be fun to highlight our costume-loving readers from around the world. To join the Hall of Fame, simply submit a photo of yourself in costume, holding a sheet of paper that says Hi or Hello to us!

Send your photo(s) and a short description of yourself, including links to your website and blog to

Courtney CoombsOur first honored and esteemed member of the Hall of Fame is Courtney Coombs!

Courtney Coombs

Location: Perth, Western Australia
Blog: Eccentric-The Blog Of Courtney Coombs
Website: Pyro-the-Maniac (DeviantArt)

Courtney Coombs

Courtney has a ton of great costumes in her Photo Gallery. She makes a great Batgirl, Asajj Ventress, Zatanna and Riddler just to name a few. We’re honored to have her as a reader, commentor, contributer — and now the first member in our Costume Hall of Fame!


Courtney Coombs

Courtney Coombs

Courtney Coombs

Courtney Coombs

Well done, Courtney! You look lovely and the costumes are FANTASTIC!!

Welcome to the Costume Hall of Fame!

Hall of Fame

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The Best Video Game Cosplay

The Best Video Game Cosplay

Wow, these costumes are incredible! Unreality Magazine has a list of the best Video Game cosplay – and wow, they aren’t messing around.

I think my favorite might be the Nightmare costume. That is just so cool!

The Best Video Game CosplayThe Best Video Game Cosplay

The Best Video Game Cosplay

The Best Video Game Cosplay

The Best Video Game Cosplay

The Best Video Game CosplayThe Best Video Game Cosplay

[via Unreality]

Thanks to Haken for the tip!

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Optimus Prime visits David Letterman

This video is awesome! A couple of days ago, Optimus Prime went on David Letterman to promote Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Optimus Prime reads Letterman’s Top Ten list of Things that sound cool when spoken by a giant robot.

How funny! Letterman cracks me up. “Every time we have a robot, we go through the same thing…How about teaching them some manners.” LOL!

[via ToplessRobot]

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Strange Kids Costumes

Strange Kids Costumes

A zombie princess, awesome!

I stumbled onto this list of Strange Children’s costumes. The costumes are definitely strange. I think “Alien Baby” wins the prize, LOL.

Strange Kids Costumes

Strange Kids Costumes

Strange Kids Costumes

[via PurpleSlinky]

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Top 12 (plus one) Sexiest Male Sci-Fi and Fantasy Costumes


I have my reasons for liking Sci-Fi…and none of them have to do with the dangerously appealing male characters in other-worldly costumes. Yeah, okay, that was a lie. The truth is, I fantasize about men in sexy Sci-Fi costumes.

So, I was hardly opposed to taking a peek at Convention Fans’ Top 20 Sexy Male Sci-Fi Costumes when it was presented to me by a friend. While I agreed with some of the elected winners, others left me perplexed and unimpressed.

That’s when I decided to make my own list. It is my opinion that this list should be expanded to include Sexiest Male Fantasy (including the paranormal genre) costumes as well. While technically Fantasy is NOT Sci-Fi, and visa versa, there is a great deal of overlap between the two genres which both fall under the umbrella of speculative fiction (so there). Besides, it’s my list so you don’t really have a say in the matter…but I highly doubt you’ll be disappointed!

Anyway, here’s what I came up with…

Medieval Majesty


Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy – The chivalrous medieval-style warrior, whether peasant-like or knightly, will ever attract the romantically-minded female.

Lusty Leather


Jason Mamoa as Ronan Dex in Stargate Atlantis – # 7 on the CF Top Twenty List. Nothing says “All Male” like distressed, form-fitting leather.


Keith Hamilton Cobb as Tyr Anasazi in Andromeda – The long dreads and fitted leather vest strategically cut to highlight one firm pec really made Andromeda worth watching (no, I didn’t watch it for Kevin Sorbo).



James Marsters as Captain John Hart in Torchwood – The blending of historical, weathered and modern costume elements creates a Steampunk-feel that’s bad-boy appealing. (# 20 of the CF Top 20 list).


Adrian Paul wore many costumes in his role as an immortal, from kilts to aviator gear to tuxedos…and he wore them all well. But if I had to choose, the traditional Scottish plaids would be have to be my fave.

Attired for Adventure


Brendan Fraser as Rick O’ Connell in The Mummy – Reminiscent of the tough adventurer persona in Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones character. It has a rugged quality that says “I’m man enough to protect you, battle supernatural forces AND find you a nice little treasure!”

Military Masculinity


Michael Beihn as Dwayne Hicks in Aliens: Military togs give off that strong, fit and disciplined vibe that compels women to croon, “I love a man in a uniform.”

Tantalizing Tanks


Hugh Jackman as James Howlett (aka Logan) in X-men Origins: Wolverine – What girl wouldn’t smack her lips in the presence of the feral Wolverine looking alarmingly virile in muscle tank, dog tags and denim…GRRR! (#3 on CF top 20 in his X-men suit)…simple but savory.


Steve Bacic as Telemachus Rhade in Andromeda – His snug sleeveless T-shirt and long fingerless, leather gloves compliment his muscular arms perfectly (by the way, this guy also looks great in SG-1 in a Gladiator-like costume…that’s him at the very top of post).

Vampire Vestment


Alex O’loughlin in Moonlight – Thank heaven’s vampires no longer wear the goofy high-collared black cape and tuxedo-like suit. This long black duster over a tasteful button down Henley and snug jeans is more likely to seduce a woman into letting the undead bite her…right, ladies?

Werewolf Wardrobe

Jason Behr as Varek in Skinwalkers – Biker denims accessorized with leather holsters, arm cuffs and a cool tattoo (Oh, and great facial hair) hint at the beast within.


Michael Sheen as Lucian in Rise of the Lycans – Knowing that a primal creature lurks under all that structured warrior-y leather goodness could drive a gal wild.

“Dressed” to kill Dragons


Christian Bale as Quinn Abercromby in Reign of Fire – If one is going to slay the dragon and save his people (including his damsel in distress) he needs to demonstrate that he has the strength necessary to get the job done. I’d say this less-is-more “costume” rather proves that Quinn is up to the task. The minuscule proportion of the teeny-tiny neck scarf augments the broad expanse of his ripped chest (I think I’ll buy my husband one of those scarfs).

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Humiliating Costumes Worn by Macho Men

Humiliating Costumes Worn by Macho Men

Hecklerspray has a short, but very funny list of Humiliating Costumes worn by Macho Movie Men. The likes of Sylvestor Stallone, George Clooney, Sting and Sean Connery have all had to take one for the team by wearing a silly costume.

Humiliating Costumes Worn by Macho Men

Humiliating Costumes Worn by Macho Men

Um, wow. If you’re feeling brave, head on over to Hecklerspray to view the full list.

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Really Bad Terminator Costumes

Terminator Costumes

With Terminator Salvation now in theaters, everyone has killer robots on their mind. This is a great time to take a look at a few Terminator costumes!

Unreality has a fun list of 15 Terminator Costumes That Absolutely Blow. Funny stuff!

Terminator Costumes

Terminator CostumesTerminator Costumes

Terminator Costumes

Terminator Costumes

[via Unreality]


Here’s a 4-minute trailer for Terminator Salvation! See you at the movies!

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Funny and Strange Mascot Costumes

Mascot Costumes

RealClearSports has a fun list of weird mascots from college and professional sports teams.

These bizarre, furry mascots dance and act crazy at games, much to the delight of both children and adults. They are very weird creatures, and I guess that’s what makes them so fun.

Mascot Costumes

Mascot CostumesMascot Costumes

Mascot Costumes

On the Web: Top 10 Weirdest Mascots

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