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Who’s the Portland Unipiper?

There’s an interesting article over at Boing Boing about the famous Unipiper. He’s well known for dressing in awesome costumes and playing his bagpipes, while riding the streets in Portland, OR on a unicycle. What an amazing guy.

He even worked with a company in Australia to upgrade his bagpipes so they shoot flames. What a showman, I’m glad his art is enough to earn him a living. Follow the link to learn more!

[via Boing Boing]

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Superhero Sleuth Dives into Sea World

Back in July, I posted the above photo of superheroes water skiing at Sea World in the 1970’s. At the time, there wasn’t a whole lot of extra information to go on.

But author and superhero sleuth Marc Tyler Nobleman did some digging… some deep, deep digging, and uncovered tons of information about it. He even tracked down the performers and interviewed them. I’m beyond impressed!

When I was inspired to try to track down the skiers and interview them, I thought I’d be looking for the same number of skiers as characters who appeared in the pyramid I’d seen many times: ten.

However, once I began poking around online, I realized there were characters in the show who were not in the pyramid. My count was 23…

Please do visit Marc’s website, his article is a super great read. Thanks for the heads up, Marc!

[via Marc Tyler Nobleman]

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Cosplay in America: Interviews

Here are a few interesting cosplay interviews, courtesy of Cosplay in America.

These American cosplayers talk about their interests and experiences, definitely worth checking out. If you have time, there are tons more videos on their YouTube channel.

The book came out last year, and you can buy it on Amazon for $40.00.

Buy the Book!

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Q & A with Sherlock Holmes 2 Costume Designer

ClothesonFilm has a great interview with Jenny Beavan, the costume designer for the Sherlock Holmes movies. We get to hear a bit about the upcoming sequel as she talks about the costumes.

Overall, how does the costume design differ for Sherlock Holmes 2? Bigger budget?

Jenny Beavan: The budget was the same as for Sherlock Holmes 1, with a percentage increase for inflation. The demands were much greater though as the story covers much more varied locations.

Read the full interview on ClothesonFilm.

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Buffyfest Interviews Shawna Trpcic

The good people at Buffyfest landed an interesting interview with Shawn Trpcic at Comic-Con. There’s a lot of great costume talk in this video.

If you’ve never heard of Shawna Trpcic, she’s a famous Hollywood costume designer who works frequently with Joss Whedon. MyDisguises was fortunate enough to interview Shawna as well back in 2009. She is a very nice, lovely person!

For an additional look at her portfolio, you can check out her costume design reel, put together for WonderCon earlier this year.

Embedding is disabled (grrr), so click below to watch it on Youtube!

Shawna Trpcic Costume Design Reel

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A Look into the Costumes of Alice in Wonderland

Here’s an interesting look into the costumes of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Oscar-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood talks about how the costumes were designed and shows some cool concept art and a bit of behind-the-scenes footage from the movie.

Wow, Colleen Atwood is impressive!

[via StitchKingdom]

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The Anti-Ronald McDonald

This is bizarre! Jimminy Glick, played by Martin Short, interviews a haggard and evil Ronald McDonald (Andy Dick). The viral video is PETA’s latest campaign against the cruelty of animals.

Okay, it’s official – Andy Dick just game me nightmares and I’m emotionally scarred for life!

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Harry Potter Visits Japan

Watch this funny and touching video of Daniel Radcliffe visiting a girl who won the chance to interview him. She wears an awesome hat, and he gives her a robe. Think she’s a little excited? LOL, awesome!


Here’s another clip of the girl interviewing Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley).

[Source: JapanProbe (via GreatWhiteSnark)]

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