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Homemade Spartan Warrior Baby Costume

This is Sparta! Check out this little Spartan warrior costume. My, what a strong looking baby! I wish I had a six-pack abs like that.

[via Reddit]

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Clever Che Guevara T-Shirt Costume

Che Guevara is a popular guy, appearing on bumper stickers, posters and t-shirts everywhere. Check out this clever idea… a Che Guevara t-shirt costume! Very nicely done.

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Father Makes Custom LED Costume for Daughter

Here’s a quick look at an adorable homemade LED costume. Photographer Royce Hutain made this for his 22 month daughter. Ha, she looks so cute running in the dark.

Mr. Hutain is getting a lot of media attention from this costume, and deservedly so. Though to be fair, Glowman has been making them for years.

[Visual Burrito via Yahoo]

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Excellent French Kiss Group Costume

French Kiss costumes! Ha, what a great idea. This had me chuckling for quite a while. The band, the country, the kiss… it all comes together on Halloween. That’s the magic of costumes!

[via thefunniestpictures]

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Clever Costumes: Peter Pan and his Shadow

Peter Pan and his Shadow

It’s Peter Pan and his shadow! What a very clever idea, and the costumes are fantastic. Peter Pan definitely got the easy part, though. Being the shadow requires a lot more time and effort. Very well done!

[Kamikame via CoolGeekMadness]

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Awesome Shark Attack Family Costumes

Here’s an awesome idea for family Halloween costumes. Shark attack! Ha, this is great. The kids look so happy to be sharks, and dad looks great, too. Does anyone else think he looks like Jerry Seinfeld? Very clever!

[via Reddit]

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Toddler in an Old Lady Costume

Toddler in an Old Lady Costume

Aww, this is the cutest thing ever. A little toddler, dressed as an old lady. What a clever idea. I wonder where they got the tiny walker?

[via Reddit]

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Little Fanboy Costume

Aw, so cute. It’s a little fan boy! What a very well made costume. At first I was sure this was a pun costume, giving a nod to geeky fanboys everywhere. But nope, it turns out this kid just really likes fans, and he wanted to dress up as one. Great job!

This was all he wanted for that Halloween. The costume is a margarine dish for the front, a Cool-whip container for the back, foam core for the blades and my husband the engineer made sure everything was angled perfectly. We couldn’t figure out how to get them to stick on so we ran to the store to get velcro tape and I made a harness out of it. Just cut slits in the plastic tubs and threaded it through, hung them over his shoulders and stabilized it around his back. It didn’t look quite finished, so we sent the pics to my mother in law and she said, “It needs a thing like those old fashioned fans” and she was right – so I went to home depot and found a pull chain and THAT made it. The pull chain in the front made all the difference in the world.

[via Neatorama]

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