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Mask Looks Like Pieces of a Puzzle

Check out this very cool mask, homemade by Redditor feed_me_a_stray_kat. At first I thought it was actually made from puzzle pieces glued together. But no, the mask is all leather, carefully cut with a knife to look like puzzle pieces, then colored with acrylic paint.

The leather is able to keep it’s shape through a process called rapid dehydrating. Well done!

[via Reddit]

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Awesome Wooden Doll Makeup

Wow, check out this wooden doll makeup. It looks so real! This was done by Stephanie, a talented makeup artist. She submitted her wooden doll as her graduating project at her special effects school. It didn’t take long before it made the front page of Reddit. Congratulations! Remarkable work.

[via Reddit]

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Horse Head for the Undead

Horse masks are so yesterday, lol. Don’t beat a dead horse with a regular horse mask, when you can BE a dead horse instead! These new zombie horse masks from Archie McPhee glow in the dark, too. You can pick one up for $29.95.

[via Archie McPhee]

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Awesome and Horrifying Face Makeup

Check out this incredible horror makeup by artist Stephanie Fernandez. It’s so amazing to see the transformation from her normal pretty self to the final creature she becomes.

Stephane is a completely self-taught makeup artist, and makes a living doing freelance work. So professional! I’m sure she has no trouble paying the bills. Great job!

[Stephanie Fernandez via Geekologie]

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Handmade Bacon and Egg Costume

Here’s an adorable costume, handmade by TheCostumeCafe. It’s a sunny side up egg with a bacon hat! Very cute. You can pick one up on Etsy for $65. This shop has a nice collection of handmade food costumes, definitely worth a look!

I design and make every costume myself with much attention to detail. Each one is made of fleece and/or eco-felt (made from recycled plastic bottles). There are ribbons at the shoulders and sides holding together the front and back of the costume.

[via TheCostumeCafe]

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Clippy Costume from Old Microsoft Office

Remember Clippy, the annoying Microsoft Office help assistant? Fortunately, he’s gone now, and annoys us no longer. But Clippy can live on through awesome costumes like this one.

Very well done!

[via Reddit]

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Funny Bud Lightyear Costume

Ha, it’s Bud Lightyear! This looks fantastic. It’s almost philosophical, in a way. To get a Buzz costume, you must first get a buzz. The circle is complete. 🙂

[via madsvassarblog]

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Homemade Trash Can Costume

Well if this isn’t the cutest trash can costume I’ve ever seen. And it’s quite simple, too. When his daughter wanted to dress as a trash can for Halloween, all Redditor eAtheist needed to do was cut a few holes. Instant costume! Very nice. Just don’t stand on the street when it’s trash day.

[via Reddit]

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