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Double Face Makeup Fun

Woah, these faces are rather hard to look at without making me feel dizzy. I guess there was a makeup trend this Halloween. So cool! I’ve had a few of these photos sent to me. Thanks for the tips, everyone!

[via Neatorama]

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Amazing Campfire Costume

Every parent eventually asks their child, “What do you want to be for Halloween?” Such a great question, and often the answers are brilliant and hilarious.

This child wanted to be a campfire. How cool is that? The costume turned out so well… he’s even roasting a marshmallow! Great job!

[via Reddit]

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Monster Under the Bed Costume

There’s a monster under the bed! What a clever idea for a couples costume. The guy in bed doesn’t seem too scared, though. This was posted by abbysamps on Instagram.

Great job, you two! And thanks to Kimbo for the tip.

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Awesome Jet Pack Costume

Jet Pack Man is ready to fly! What a creative costume. The legs look pretty real, while his actual legs are hidden in the fiery exhaust.

You can watch the costume in action here. Great job!

[via Reddit]

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Pregnant Woman Cosplays in Style

This gal wanted to cosplay at a con, and she didn’t let her pregnancy stop her. LOL, a pregnant Orion slave girl, what a creative idea!

Kirk, you sly dog. What have you been up to?

[via i09]

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Awesome Dog “Roadie” Costume

Just look at these adorable band rodies. Ha, what a fabulous rendition of the Carry Me costume, which seems to be growing steadily more popular.

So professional and well done. I had to do a double take to make sure it was only one dog in the photo. Great job!

[via Reddit]

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Crocheted Unicorn Mask for Dogs

Here’s an awesome unicorn mask for dogs, crocheted by Hiroko Fukatsu. She’s a crafty knitter from Tokyo, and made this to celebrate Japan’s Year of the Horse in 2014.

Unfortunately, these masks aren’t for sale. This was just a one-time creation to make special holiday cards.

The next year (2014) is “year of the Horse” in Japan. So I made this for New Year’s cards. (I made ​​this without a pattern and I have no plans to write a pattern. Thank you for your understanding!)

[Ravelry via Neatorama]

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Super Creepy Makeup Effect

Wow, take a look at this impressive makeup. It looks gross, but so amazing. She’s wearing a mask made out of her own flesh! What a creative idea, well done.

[via Reddit]

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