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How To Make Bras and Bikinis out of Old Clothes

Have you ever wondered how to make a bra out of men’s underwear? Or how to make a bikini out of an old t-shirt? Then today is your lucky day, my friends. These helpful tutorials from WikiHow will take you on a journey to the land of awesome fashion.

First up, we have How to Recycle an Old T Shirt Into a Sexy Bikini. Hmm, it looks a bit complicated, but not too hard. Not bad!

This inspiring second videos shows you How to Make a Sports Bra Using a Men’s Brief. Very fashionable. Now it’s time to hit the gym and show off your new outfit!

I sure love learning new things. Thanks, WikiHow!

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Tie a Bow Tie with Bill Nye the Science Guy

Bill Nye the Science Guy is famous for his bow ties, among many other things. Over at Nerdist, Chris Hardwick wants to learn how to tie a bow tie, and he wisely asks Bill Nye to teach him! It’s always best to go straight to the source, smart thinking.

Ever learn how to tie a bow tie? Chris Hardwick didn’t, but he got a personal lesson from an expert: Bill Nye, the Science Guy. Learn along with Chris and you’ll find out how much a “schminkity-wink” is.

“It’s just that simple!” Yep.

This is great! Bill Nye is just the coolest guy ever.

[via Nerdist]

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How to Make a Millennium Falcon Skirt

Jennifer Landa navigated the floor of Comic-Con in less than 12 parsecs, thanks to her awesome Millennium Falcon costume skirt! She even made a little X-Wing hair clip accessory. What an amazing costume, such a creative idea.

Over on the official Star Wars Blog, Jennifer published a full tutorial on how she made the skirt. Excellent write-up, Jennifer. And great job on your costume!

The first step in designing my Millennium Falcon skirt was to create a large outline of the starship. Only one problem… I can’t draw! Instead, I found an image of the Falcon online and uploaded it to a poster-making site. Once I adjusted it to the size I wanted, I printed out the poster on multiple 8X10 sheets of paper.

[via Star Wars Blog]

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How To Make a Captain America Dog Costume

Want to make a Captain America costume for your dog? Captain Iggy’s owner put together a fun DIY tutorial on

There’s a fair amount of cutting, sewing, painting and gluing involved, but if you’re a bit crafty, this tutorial shouldn’t be too hard. What a cute pup!

-I traced and cut out the blue (bottom) and red (top)circles same size and sewed them together (using the iron on glue works just fine) leaving a small space to stuff in some cotton stuffing (old pillow case stuffing works).
–The back of the shield can be fasten on to the dog with a strap of the same blue fabric and add Velcro to the ends.
-Then glued on the smaller white circle and then red circle followed by the blue circle. VIEW THE TUTORIAL

[via Instructables]

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How to Make a Chia Pet Dog Costume

Here’s an excellent costume idea for your pet… a Chia Pet costume! So very cute and creative.

Check out TheFlirtyGuide for a helpful tutorial. With some felt and plastic plants for aquariums, your dog can be a Chia Pet in no time!

[theflirtyguide via Neatorama]

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How to Make a YouTube Costume

You should definitely check out this creative YouTube costume! Specifically, the little circular icon that spins when a video won’t load.

Thecnocrat used ping pong balls and a controller board to give it the spinning effect, and he even published his code used to do it! He wore a black shirt with the YouTube logo on it for a finishing touch. What a clever idea!

[via Technabob]

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Amazing 14 ft Long T-Rex Costume

I received a nice email from clever maker Jamie Price. He made this incredible 14 ft. long, 10 ft. tall T-Rex costume! Jamie plans on wearing this costume to Dragon Con later this year.

I wanted to build a large-scale dinosaur costume that would standout. First, I found several 3-D dinosaur puzzles on the internet. Once I found one to my liking (look, geometry, etc), we scanned the parts into a design software (can be anything as long as you can output a .dwg file for the machine shop later). Once scanned, the parts were output onto heavy card stock and constructed into a prototype model.

There are over 140 individual parts that were created. It is built from a flexible foam with a welded steel/aluminum support substructure. Most of the parts were cut using a CNC router with a few cut by hand using a dremel and regular router. Total build time was around 130 hours at a materials/machine time cost of $550.

To learn more about the construction of this costume, view the full tutorial on This costume is Jamie’s entry in the Instructables ShopBot & Make It Real contests. I’m sure he’d appreciate your vote. Good luck, Jamie, I hope you win!

[via Instructables]

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Low Budget Unicorn Costume Tutorial

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own quick and easy unicorn costume, now’s your chance! YouTube user NigelvsDavid shows you how with this riveting Unicorn Costume Tutorial.

Complete with a carrot & flashlight for the horn, a scarf for the mane, and neckties for the tail, it’s the perfect unicorn costume! LOL, I love how he delivers the entire tutorial without cracking a smile.

“Be free, be you, be from your heart… be a unicorn for life!”

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