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Rolling Rock Spartan Costume

Behold, the Rolling Rock Spartan! It’s a very well done suit of armor, made by Yunk28. He wanted to combine his love of armor with his love of Rolling Rock. Fantastic job! I really like the accessories, too: Helmet, sword, shield– even sandals!

Read the tutorial on Instructables, if you’d like to try to make your own.

For the torso armor I cut the boxes into diamond pieces and attached them together using twist ties. I attached the pieces to make a chain-mail type armor that is form fitting to my body and made it easier to move around. Each piece I also covered in crystal clear packing tape to make it water resistant…

[via Instructables]

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How to Make R2-D2 High Heels

Check out these amazing R2-D2 heels. Wow, talk about your geek fashion. They even have red headlights that blink.

Best of all, over on Instructables you can learn to make your own pair. It looks rather complicated, to be honest. You’ll need to be experienced with welding and soldering.

Doesn’t this sound like a fun project? Head on over to Instructables for the full tutorial!

[Instructables via Make]

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DIY High Tech Animated Demon Costume

Here’s a super cool high tech animated demon costume. Wow, this is really amazing! Adafruit posted a tutorial on YouTube that shows you how to make one..

He uses LED lights to animate the demon’s eyes and mouth. A built-in voice changer turns him into a scary sounding techno-demon. Well, this is just the coolest thing ever. Very creative!

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How to Make a Cookie Bra

Here’s a fun idea for Valentine’s Day… Ladies, why not make a cookie bra, molded from your chest?

LOL, what a unique idea! will show you how. Basically, you make a mold of your chest with plastic strips, and cover it in tinfoil. Then add cookie dough, and bake it in the oven. After frosting and decorating, the result is a wearable, edible bra. Awesome!

Check out for the whole tutorial.


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Transforming into Santa

How many people dressed as Santa Clause this Christmas? I’m sure many of you did.

Cannibalman took advantage of his awesome beard for his Santa costume. He posted a slideshow of his transformation on Imgur. A little bit of Snow White hair color goes a long way, his costume turned out great! Well done, Sir.

[via Imgur]

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Mind Blowing Custom Hulk Costume

This is definitely the best Hulk costume I’ve ever seen. This won the RPF’s 2012 Halloween contest, and with good reason. Totally, completely mindblowing.

This costume is work of Biopredator, a well known costumer and member of the Replica Prop Forum. It took him 120 hours and $600 to make this costume.

I encourage you to read his post, it’s full of many more in-progress photos, Avengers group shots, and a complete tutorial on how he made it. I found it a fascinating read. Stunning work, Sir, and congratulations on winning the contest!

I’ve made some creative Halloween costumes over the years but nothing as elaborate as the Hulk Costume I just built. It all started last month when my brothers talked me into making a Hulk Costume so we could be the Avengers for Halloween this year so I started on the build early last month. Read More…

[via therpf]


Amazing Composer Bust Statue Costumes

Seriously cool costumes: Composer bust statues! Ha, these look just perfect. Clever costumer David Andora recently posted a full tutorial on Instructables, if you want to try to make your own.

And be sure to watch the odd Phil Collins music video below. LOL, great work!

[via Instructables]

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Mermaid Monday

It’s Mermaid Monday!

Let’s take a look at an awesome Mermaid Make-up Tutorial by YouTube celebrity Promise Tamang Phan. She’s well known for her make-up tutorials and making astonishing transformations right before your eyes.

This Make-up guide also works for a Forest Nymph or Poison Ivy costume. Great job!

My goal as a Make-up Guru on Youtube is to Make my Tutorials very Easy and yet Create Amazing looks !If you guys can follow the looks then that is what gives me Satisfaction !

You could easily Alter this look and use it for a Forest Nymph(Add some wings and leave the scale part ) or Poison Ivy (with out the scales and two red horns ) !!!

[via dope2111]

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