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Amazing “Real Life” Zoidberg Costume

Here’s one for Futurama fans… a real life Zoidberg costume! Artist Frank Ippolito and Tested made this incredible costume and wore it to Wondercon 2014.

This 13-minute video walks you through their entire creation process. It’s really worth watching as they create Zoidberg from scratch. They even added animatronics for that extra “real life” effect. Simply amazing!

Suited up in the costume, we walk the convention floor of WonderCon 2014 to greet some attendees and take photos with other cosplayers. Stick through to the end for some woop woop wackiness!

[Tested via Fashionably Geek]

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15 Ft Cardboard Dinosaur Costume

What a nice looking 3D cardboard dinosaur costume! Love the googly eyes. This was made by Lisa Glover, who was studying manufacturing and Industrial Origami as a homework assignment. Her idea is so great, that many others expressed interest in her creaetion.

So, she put the project on KickStarter and has gone far beyond her goal of $8,000, with current donations exceeding $25,000. She’s starting with a smaller 3ft version, as most people don’t have room for a 15 foot Velociraptor in their living room.

What a fantastic idea. Best of luck to KitRex!

[Lisa Glover via Reddit]

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Guide to Creating Amazing Prosthetics

Over on Kotaku, Talented artist Varia shares her process of making amazing prosthetics. Wow, so talented! It looks like an awfully complicated process, but Varia does a great job breaking things down to some basic steps. If you’re interested in learning more about prosthetic masks and makeup, head on over to Kotaku for the full article!

I start by sketching my concept out in 2D before beginning my 3D sculpt to help me visualise the forms I want to create when the piece is photographed, and knock out where any flat areas might be once it’s in that medium. It’s worth doing a lot of sketches of different ideas and from different angles to discover new things and see what does or doesn’t work.

[via Kotaku]

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Happy New Year 2014!

Happy New Year! I hope you all have a fun (and safe) New Year’s Eve party.

Don’t forget to include your cat in your festivities. Buzzfeed has a nice tutorial that shows you how to make a party hat for your cat! Two kinds, actually– you can make a cone hat, or try your hand at making a fancy paper top hat. It’s a great way to welcome 2014!

Hats were made by Adam Ellis and modeled by Maxwell the three-legged cat.

[via Buzzfeed]

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‘Face in a Face’ Makeup Tutorial

This ‘face in a face’ Halloween makeup is indeed rather trippy. Make up artist Promise Phan put together a great tutorial after being inspired by the Double Faced photo series by artist Sebastian Bieniek. Very cool!

I’ll be showing you guys how to draw another face on the side of your face. I don’t think You need to be an Artist to pull this off… If you draw a simple face it still can turn heads !!! You all need to try this out and Freak People but Plz Don’t strain your eye when you draw the face on the side so I recommend having someone draw it on you or take small breaks in between).

[via Promise Phan]

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Make a No-Sew WordGirl Costume

PBS Parents put together a nice tutorial to make a no-sew WordGirl costume. This looks fun, especially for kids who are fans of the show. WordGirl fights crime using super strength and an amazing vocabulary. She has a monkey sidekick, too. Very cool!

If you have a little WordGirl fan on your hands, today’s craft project is perfect for you! We’re making a no-sew WordGirl costume. Just wear some red tights or leggings to complete the look, along with the elements you will make here today, and you are all set!

[via PBS Parents]

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How to Make a Katy Perry “Roar” Costume

Welcome to the jungle! The talented MsBtrendy created this very professional video to show you how to make your own Katy Perry costume from her music video, Roar. In the video, Katy Perry’s plane crashes into the jungle. She goes native, swinging from vines, and hanging out with monkeys, tigers and elephants.

Now this look can be yours for Halloween. Great tutorial, MsBtrendy. Very nice work.

*you can find the supplies at dollar stores, walmart, or craft store.
What you will need…
For leaf skirt
Glue Gun
Artificial Flowers
Plastic Green Table Cloth
Green Ribbon

Floral Headpiece
Artificial Flowers (preferably purple, green, and yelllow)
Glue gun

[via MsBtrendy]

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How to Make a Toilet Costume

Ha, this is so funny and cute. It’s a homemade toilet costume, and you can learn to make one for yourself. Best of all, the lid opens, and the toilet bowl holds all the candy. That’s so hilarious!

This costume was made by pezzasaurus, who was inspired to make this for a daughter in the process of potty training. Read all about it on Instructables.

I was inspired to do this costume for my daughter because she was in the process of potty training at the time. Luckily her size was roughly proportional to an actual toilet. She really enjoyed wearing it too because the toilet lid opens to reveal a bowl that functions as the candy receptacle; making it a fun and interactive costume.

[via Instructables]

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