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Homemade Spartan Warrior Baby Costume

This is Sparta! Check out this little Spartan warrior costume. My, what a strong looking baby! I wish I had a six-pack abs like that.

[via Reddit]

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Clever Che Guevara T-Shirt Costume

Che Guevara is a popular guy, appearing on bumper stickers, posters and t-shirts everywhere. Check out this clever idea… a Che Guevara t-shirt costume! Very nicely done.

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Posing in a Vintage Rooster Costume

Here’s an amazing vintage rooster costume. Unfortunately, the date of this photo is unknown. But I love how regal and serious this guy looks as he poses in the costume. Too awesome.

[via citykidssting]

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Watch Star Wars Win Oscar for Costumes in 1978

The official Oscars channel on YouTube recently posted this clip from 1978. Watch as John Mollo accepts the award for Best Costume Design for Star Wars. They’ve disabled the embed code, so click the image above to watch on YouTube.

We get a nice look at late 70’s fashion, and several people in Star Wars costumes take the stage. What a fun look at history!

[via Oscars]

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Bumper Belt from 1923

This photo from 1923 shows a woman wearing a Bumper Belt. It keeps her dance partner from getting too close, ha. It’s only proper. It can also double as a coat rack. Crazy!

[via Buzzfeed]

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Dancing Pig, French Silent Film from 1907

Here’s an old French silent film from 1907, titled Dancing Pig. A pig puts on fancy clothes and tries to beg for food, only to have his clothes removed — and then the dancing starts. It’s a strangely childish and super creepy at the same time, especially towards the end when we see the pig’s long tongue and sharp teeth. Very odd, but that’s a great pig costume!

[via William French]

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Tibetian Skeleton Dancer Costume from 1925

Back in 1925, photographer Joseph Rock took this shot of a Tibetian skeleton dancer. Wow, what an amazing costume.

Skeleton dancers were monks, taking on the role of deities whose job is to protect cemeteries, and remind the audience of their immortality. You can watch a modern version of this dance below, recorded in 2002.

[Magic Transistor via Boing Boing]

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Vintage Costume Race from 1896

Here’s an interesting piece of history. This is a 43-second silent film called Comic Costume Race, made in 1896 by filmmaker Robert W. Paul. The race took place at the Music Hall Sports on July 14, 1896 at Herne Hill, London.

The contestants must run to a basket full of costumes, get dressed, then run back in a silly costume. Very interesting, and looks like a lot of fun!

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