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Student Dresses as Presidents on Instagram

Presidents Day isn’t too far away, and here’s a great tribute to our nation’s past leaders. High school student Chaz Rorick has been dressing up as a different president each day, and posting the photos to Instagram. He posed as every president! Truly amazing, what a funny idea. Follow the link to view the complete gallery.

[Chaz Rorick via Mashable]

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Peter Mayhew Shares Old Star Wars Photos

Peter Mayhew, the man in the Chewbacca costume, has recently shared a bunch of old Star Wars images on his Twitter account. A lot of these I haven’t seen before. There are several fun behind-the-scenes photos, and we even see an elephant dressed up as a Bantha. Very cool! Be sure to visit Peter’s Twitter account to view them all.

[Peter Mayhew via Laughing Squid]

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Old Photo of Circus Clown from 1947

Woah, check out this clown from an old 1947 photograph. Rather top heavy, eh? The costume probably doubles as a floating device. The chain link earrings are a nice touch, as well.

So creepy!

[via Reddit]

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Captain Kirk Mask Used in “Halloween”

Here’s a bit of interesting costume trivia. Did you know that the mask worn by Michael Myers in Halloween was actually a modified Captain Kirk mask? True enough, William Shatner sort of appears in the classic horror movie.

Originally, the producers wanted Myers to wear a clown mask. But after tweaking the eyebrows, eye holes, and hair of a cheap Star Trek mask, they realized they had found the perfectly terrifying face for their killer. Very interesting!

At first, the HALLOWEEN crew thought Michael Myers should wear a clown mask, as a callback to the beginning of the movie when he killed his sister in a clown costume. The HALLOWEEN crew also considered a Don Post mask from 1975 of Captain James T. Kirk, purchased for around $1-$2. After removing the eyebrows and sideburns, spray-painting the hair brown, opening up the eyes more, and painting the face white, the crew found the mask to be eerily emotionless.

[via Imgur]

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Old Photo of Costume Ball in 1922

Wow, check out this old photo from 1922. These two troublemakers are going to a costume ball. Very cool costumes, indeed. At first I thought they were robots, but I’m starting to think they’re supposed to be aliens. Any thoughts?

[via Reddit]

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Face Cone Fashion Offers Protection from Snowstorms

When you’re out in a snowstorm, and the cold winds are whipping your face and stinging your eyes… just strap on your face cone and you’re good to go! This is a real mask worn in 1939, modeled here by two Montreal women. The aerodynamic design protects your face from even the harshest winds and snow. Just be careful not to poke anyone’s eye out. Ha, one of history’s many inventions that did not stand the test of time.

[via Wikimedia]

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Bulldog in Costume Photo from 1905

The Library of Congress has archived this old photo of a well-dressed Bulldog. Titled “The Missis,” it was originally published in 1905, as part of a collection of “animals in human situations.” Very cute.

Thanks to Bull for the tip!

[via Library of Congress]

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Paper Bag Masks from the 1950’s

Here’s a vintage ad from the 1950’s. These Paper Bag Masks are rather creepy, don’t you think? But hey, today is Halloween. If you still don’t have a costume, this may be your best bet. 🙂

[via collectorsweekly]

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