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Reader Submitted: Homemade Skyrim-Inspired Costume

Bryan sent in his Halloween costume for this year. It’s an original design, though heavily inspired by Elder Scrolls. He spent less than $20 on this costume, nicely done.

Thanks for them email, Bryan!

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Adorable Hobbit Costume

What an adorable little Hobbit! So precious. The infamous One Ring is around his neck, so it’s fair to assume this is young Frodo. Excellent costume, Mr. Baggins!

[via Reddit]

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Patrick Stewart in a Lobster Costume

Sir Patrick Stewart posted this awesome photo on Twitter yesterday. Ha, he’s wearing an awesome lobster costume in the bathtub! He seems quite pleased with himself, this is hilarious. What a great man. Thanks for the Halloween cheers, Sir.

[via Patrick Stewart]

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Paper Bag Masks from the 1950’s

Here’s a vintage ad from the 1950’s. These Paper Bag Masks are rather creepy, don’t you think? But hey, today is Halloween. If you still don’t have a costume, this may be your best bet. 🙂

[via collectorsweekly]

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Beautiful CinderLeia Costume

Check out this CinderLeia costume, made by Kat Curtis. What a lovely Disney crossover. It’s Cinderella dressed as Slave Leia, the best of both worlds. Great job!

When Disney buys Star Wars, CinderLeia happens.

[Kat Curtis via Fashionably Geek]

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Dancing Skeleton Music Video

Nothing says Halloween like a dancing skeleton. Check out the smooth moves of Nathan Barnatt as he dances to the song Dead Man’s Bones. This is rather hypnotic to watch. Awesome stuff.

[Nathan Barnatt via Neatorama]

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Funny Bud Lightyear Costume

Ha, it’s Bud Lightyear! This looks fantastic. It’s almost philosophical, in a way. To get a Buzz costume, you must first get a buzz. The circle is complete. 🙂

[via madsvassarblog]

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Homemade Trash Can Costume

Well if this isn’t the cutest trash can costume I’ve ever seen. And it’s quite simple, too. When his daughter wanted to dress as a trash can for Halloween, all Redditor eAtheist needed to do was cut a few holes. Instant costume! Very nice. Just don’t stand on the street when it’s trash day.

[via Reddit]

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