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Amazing Campfire Costume

Every parent eventually asks their child, “What do you want to be for Halloween?” Such a great question, and often the answers are brilliant and hilarious.

This child wanted to be a campfire. How cool is that? The costume turned out so well… he’s even roasting a marshmallow! Great job!

[via Reddit]

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Officially Licensed Deadpool Halloween Costume

I just learned about a new Deadpool costume, officially licensed by Marvel for Halloween! I had no idea that Deadpool was getting his own commercial costume… does this mean a movie is coming? I sure hope so.

The costume is currently listed in size XL only, and can be yours for less than 50 dollars.

[via Costume Craze]

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Old Photo of Children Trick-or-Treating

There’s something about black and white photos that make old costumes seem extra creepy. Instead of happy children getting candy, I see a scary street gang. LOL, cool photo, though.

This was probably taken in the late 60’s, or early/mid 70’s. I sure hope nobody was foolish enough to answer “trick.” 🙂

[via Imgur]

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The Onion: Child Won’t Remove his Halloween Costume

What happens when your child refuses to take off his costume? Ha, good old Onion. I missed this when it was posted on Halloween. A poor mother is concerned that people will think her son is a weirdo. Aw, but Mom! Normal clothes are so boring. 🙂

[via The Onion]

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Friendly Beaver in a Bee Costume

It’s a beaver in a bee costume! This is Betty the Bee-ver, all dressed up for Halloween. She’s leash trained and ready to greet visitors to the OC Zoo in Irvine Regional Park. What an adorable critter, almost makes me want a pet beaver. 🙂

[via Cute Overload]

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Jimmy Kimmel’s Half and Half Costume Pageant

Did you catch Jimmy Kimmel’s Halloween show? Every year, they do a Half and Half costume pageant, and it’s a hoot. They combine two costumes, and the audience tries to guess the name of the new hybrid costume. Most of these are pretty clever, and are actually good costume ideas. Good times!

This is a beloved tradition for us. Every year, we take half of one costume and half of another costume and we and combine them to form one amazing hybrid costume.

[via Jimmy Kimmel Live]

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Adorable French Bulldog Wearing a Plant Costume

This is Lentil, a super adorable French Bulldog who’s famous enough to have his own Facebook Fan page. He’s enjoying his first Halloween in a plant costume. What a cutie! The plant is actually a bean sprout, as a tribute to his name. What a fun idea. Hope you enjoyed Halloween, Lentil!

[My Name is Lentil via Neatorama]

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Reader Submitted: Giorgio Tsoukalos Costume

MD reader Jason submitted his awesome Halloween costume, and I’m super happy to post it. He dressed as Giorgio Tsoukalos, the ancient alien lover from the History channel. Aliens! He was able to make this costume for $30 after visiting the Good Will. Well done on the costume, Sir. And the blonde devil looks great, too.

Thanks for the email!

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