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Horsing Around in Masks

It’s official: never ceases to surprise me. There’s a sub-reddit dedicated entirely to wearing Horse Masks. Yes, YOU are encouraged to purchase a Horse Head Mask and join the fun!

People are uploading their videos and photos, it’s quite bizarre — but fun! If you like horses, and masks, perhaps this group is for you.


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Protesters with Incredible Make-Up

Protesters in Columbia use make-up to create the impressive illusion of having giant mouths. Very interesting and unusual!

Apparently, they are protesting for education reform: One of the signs reads, “Excellent education and for all!!”

[via BoingBoing]

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Muppet Trooper Costumes

Muppet Troopers! How cool! Mike Lica and Derek Lane-Waters of the 501st Legion paid homage to Jim Hensen on his would-be 75th birthday.

There’s a really nice interview with these gentleman over at the Official Star Wars Blog.

Our costumes are a joint effort. Everything that we did involved a phone call, an email, or a visit to make sure we were keeping things consistent. It was important to stay together on this if we were to pull this off without looking different. Most of it was pretty easy. We purchased the masks and made several modifications. We added fans inside to keep cool in case we needed to wear them for an extended time.

It reminds me of the Muppet/Star Wars action figures that Disney used to sell in their theme parks. I wonder if they still do? Yes, Muppets and Star Wars definitely go together. Great job, Gentlemen!

[via Star Wars Blog]

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Fighting Cancer with Star Wars

StandUp2Cancer has teamed up with Star Wars to raise money to fight cancer. In this video, celebrities lend a hand by wearing Star Wars costumes and reenacting scenes from the movies. Very entertaining!

If you want to donate to a good cause, you can purchase exclusive SU2C t-shirts and other merchandise in their store.


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Costumed Musicals of Random Encounters

Random Encounters is a musical group that sings about video game characters. They wear awesome costumes, and their songs and production are actually quite impressive.

Back in March, I did ignorantly post their Pikachu video. I think I was a bit harsh, and called their video annoying. Well, I’m here to say that I was WRONG. I change my mind, and now think these guys are really awesome.

The top video is an impressive song about Ganondorf, from the Legend of Zelda. And below we have a Sonic the Hedgehog tune about Needlemouse.

Great costumes! And now these songs are stuck in my head, thank you very much!

Big thanks to Rob for emailing the tip.

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Costume Fun at Wizards and Warriors Summer Camp

Check out this awesome summer camp! A company named Guard Up offers a Wizards and Warriors summer camp for kids that lets them dress up in costumes and live out a role-playing fantasy. Kids choose their character, practice sword play and teamwork, and partake in awesome LARPing battles.

Man, do I wish they had this when I was a kid. This looks so fun!

[Guard Up via TDW Geeks]

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Xylopholks: Musicians in Costumes

Have you heard of the Xylopholks? They’re a New York band that plays 1920’s ragtime music, featuring a rocking xylophone… and they always perform in costumes! Very creative, I think they look and sound great.

The Xylopholks are available for parties and events, so if you live in the New York area and want something unusual, give them a call!


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Class Photos from Cinema Makeup School

Who has the best class photos of any school? Why, the students at Cinema Makeup School, of course!

Located in Los Angeles, the school focuses on special makeup effects , beauty, body painting, airbrush makeup, hairstyling, fashion, film, and tv. This sounds beyond amazing.

Be sure to browse through their Flickr Gallery to view samples of their incredible work.

Big thanks to Allison for the tip!

[Cinema Makeup School & Flickr via Super Punch]

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