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Funny Newspaper Costumes

Check out these guys dressed in newspapers, complete with awesome hats! What a great photo. This was taken during the annual Boston Urban Iditarod.

Each year, groups dress in wacky costumes and race through the streets of Boston– all while pushing a shopping cart. Visit to view loads of photos from the event. Looks like a crazy fun time!

[Photo by Greg Cook via]

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Excellent Roller Coaster Costumes

Ah, here’s another group wearing roller coaster costumes. Very well done! This may be the best version I’ve seen so far.

I’ve posted video of other roller coaster costumes Here and Here, if you want to watch them in action. This costume seems to be growing in popularity. It’s just so perfect for groups. I look forward to seeing more. Wonderful job, Everyone!

Thanks to Kate for the tip!

[via blameitonthevoices]

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Glamorous Star Wars Cosplay

Check out this fashionable group of Star Wars cosplayers. Very classy, indeed. This photo was taken by ittoku.lee at last year’s SDCC.

C-3PO looks absolutely amazing, and so does R2-D2. I love how the Princess Leia costume is simply a wedding dress. What a fun looking group!

[ittoku.lee via Fashionably Geek]

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Hogettes Retire their Football Fan Costumes

The famous costumed Redskins fans known as the Hogettes have retired their pig snouts after 30 years. These guys showed up to every home game dressed in pig snouts and colorful dresses, much to the delight of, well, pretty much everyone.

They used their fame to help raise millions of dollars for charity over the years. Sounds like a great group! But after 30 years, I guess it’s time to take a break. Thanks for the memories, Hogettes. You will be missed!

[ via USA Today]

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Awesome AT-AT and Wookiee Riding AT-ST Costumes

I received a delightful submission from Melina, a member of the costuming duo known as Melvin Pach-Mon. These people love making costumes, and I’m so glad to make their acquaintance (plus, they get extra points for being Firefly fans). I will certainly post more of their work in the future!

Melina sent me photos and YouTube links to their latest Star Wars costume creations: An impressive AT-AT costume, and a combo Wookiee riding an AT-ST costume. Not only are the costumes awesome, but Melina let me know they had a great time making them. And that’s what it’s all about.

Very well done, Melvin Pach-Mon! I can’t wait to see what you make next!

[via Melvin Pach-Mon]

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2012 National Beard and Moustache Championships

Thrashlab traveled to the 2012 National Beard and Moustache Championships in Las Vegas for the latest episode of Subculture Club. If you’re at all a fan of facial hair, you really need to check this out.

Meet the largest community of men dedicated to growing and celebrating their beards and mustaches! You have never seen so much epic facial hair until you watch this video!

[via Tastefully Offensive]

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Group Theme: 7 Johnny Depp Costumes

Here’s a great group costume idea… Johnny Depps! Yes, these gals are all wearing Johnny Depp costumes from his various movies. What an fun idea.

Can you name all the movies?

[via Imgur]

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Performance Art Procession in Amsterdam

Take a look at this fascinating and rather trippy costume procession in Spiegelkwartier, Amsterdam. Performance art troupe Nepco slowly walks down the street while wearing really bizarre costumes. They call it their “moving art procession.” This footage was recorded at the 2011 Puike Pruiken parade.

Very interesting! I can’t say I’ve seen anything quite like this.

Nepco Amsterdam, company of the uncertainty, plant of the doubt. A cloud of emotion, art, music and theater. Intuitively searching for small miracles and magic moments they share their wonderful world with the public.

[via Nepco]

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