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Tron Dog Poses with Arcade Game

What a cute Tron dog! He’s posing in his nice costume in front of a retro Tron game. Does anyone remember playing this? I’m sure it was a great game back in the day.

[via Kotaku]

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Horse Dressed in a Mario Costume

Aww, what a handsome pony. All dressed up as Mario! Very nice. This is Danny Boy, and he belongs to a lucky lady named Lindsey, who runs the Tumblr Knit Fast, Die Warm. Great job on the costume, Lindsey!

[So Geek Chic via Fashionably Geek]

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Family Plays Risk in Awesome Costumes

Now this is how to play Risk! Ha, if you’re going to rule the world, it’s important to wear an appropriate costume. This photo was shared by Redditor strats2, who writes, “My family takes risk a little too seriously…”

Such a fun idea, almost like LARPing. I love the evil James Bond villain. They all look great…. Very well done!

[via Reddit]

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Video Game Characters Battle Mario

It’s the ultimate video game battle! Famous game characters take on Mario after they try to steal his power ups. Ha, what a great idea. The video features Lara Croft, Master Chief, Assassin Conner, and of course… good old Mario.

Fabulous job!

[via Neatorama]

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Real Life Mario Kart using Stop-Motion

Don’t miss this amazing real life Mario Kart, made by JaVale McGee and Evan Fournier. They dressed up in homemade Mario Bros. costumes and filmed this using stop-motion animation. Wow, it must have taken forever. Just like the playing game, this is perfect!

[Simon Lachapelle via USA Today]

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Reader Submitted: Homemade Skyrim-Inspired Costume

Bryan sent in his Halloween costume for this year. It’s an original design, though heavily inspired by Elder Scrolls. He spent less than $20 on this costume, nicely done.

Thanks for them email, Bryan!

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Fan Film: Halo Desolation

Here’s one for Halo fans. Burke Vader and his team made this very cool 25-minute fan film called Halo Desolation. They recruited real marines to star in the film, and their Master Chief costume is amazing. Love the makeup job of the Flood, too. Very well done!

[via Burke Vader]

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Amazing Portal Cosplay Involves Hanging Upside Down

Check out this amazing GLaDOS cosplay from the game Portal 2. Cosplayer Enayla has just raised the bar with this incredibly elaborate costume that involves hanging upside, suspended by wires. Now that is dedication!

[Invader Boom via Laughing Squid]

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