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Geek Fashion Show Coming to San Diego Comic Con

The Sci Fi fashion line, Her Universe has teamed up with the Nerdist to bring a geek-themed fashion show and design competition to this year’s SDCC.

If you’re a designer and want to enter the contest, visit Her Universe for submission information. Sounds exciting, good luck!

Two winners will be chosen to design a Her Universe Collection to be sold at Hot Topic.

[Her Universe via Fashionably Geek. Photo by Kelsey Edwards Photography.]

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Improve your Hairstyle with a Mullet on the Go

Ha, need a mullet, but don’t have time to properly grow out the back? This is a common problem for many people. Thanks to MulletOntheGo, for only 12 bucks you can have your own instant mullet whenever you need one! They even have mullets for dogs. Join the mullet celebration! The party is in back.

[MulletOntheGo via Reddit]

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Awesome Hairstyes from the 60’s and 70’s

Man, the good old days. Check out these amazing hairstyles from the 60’s and 70’s. Some of these styles are hilarious, while I think others are actually pretty cool. It’s true that many styles come back in fashion after enough time has passed… think we’ll be seeing these nifty hairdos any time soon? 🙂

[YouTube via Neatorama]

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Man Ties Helium Balloons to his Dreadlocks

Uh, wow. This dreadlocked musician looks pretty awesome with a bunch of helium balloons tied to his hair. I think he’s celebrating, because shortly after he shaved it all off for charity. World’s Greatest Shave encourages people to shave or color their hair. The idea is to get sponsors for the big shave, and the money goes towards fighting leukemia.

What a great cause! With hair like that, I’m sure he had a long list of sponsors.

[via Reddit]

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Fashionable Bean Beards made of Candy

Just look at all of these tasty beards. Artist Takao Sakai has created a fake fashion trend made up of a Japanese candy from azuki beans. A series of photos shows normal people out and about wearing beards made of candy. Ha, it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s fake these days.

“If some media outside of Japan would mistakenly think that this is really fashion and would report it as news, then I would have succeeded…”

[Takao Sakai via Kotaku]

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Adorable Baby Leprechaun Hat

Aww, what a cute little leprechaun. Ha, I love those ears. These adorable knitted hats are handmade by Etsy seller forthetiny. Available for infants and toddlers, the hat sells for $14.95. The matching leg warmers are sold here. Certainly a fun outfit for St. Patrick’s day.

[via forthetiny]

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Half-Shaved Mardi Gras Man

Did everyone have a fun Mardi Gras? This guy sure did. Half-shaved and ready to party! Ha, too funny. So what happens now… shave the rest, or let it grow back? A tough decision, indeed.

[via Reddit]

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Gotham Inspired Fashion on the Runway

Here’s a look at The Blonds’ runway show at New York Fashion Week. Their 2014 fall and winter collection is Gotham themed, and leans heavily on the costumes worn by the city’s heroes and villains. The Catwoman outfit is pretty obvious, but keep your eye out for Joker, Riddler and more.

[David Blond via Fashionably Geek]

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