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The Suitsy – One Piece Business Suit

The dream of a business jumpsuit is almost upon us. Check out the Suitsy! This one-piece wonder was invented by Jesse Herzog, and he’s trying to make it a reality for everyone. At the time of this post, there’s only two days left to join the crowdfunding, and he’s very close to reaching the goal. Good luck, Sir!

[via Betabrand]

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Man Styles Beard into Baseball Team Logo

Now here’s a true baseball fan. This is Eric Brooks, a huge fan of the Washington Nationals. He’s such a fan that he styled his impressive beard into the shape of the Nats team logo! Ha, the team should give him season tickets, he deserves it.

[via Yahoo]

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Man with Awesome Flower Beard

What a fancy beard! The flowers are such a nice touch this time of year. It’s time for all men to step up, because this is how you get the ladies.

[favjeans via Neatorama]

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Barefoot Running Shoes Made of Chainmail

Barefoot running is a great way to minimize impact on nature’s paths. But ouch, it sure can hurt the feet!

Check out these shoes made out of thin stainless steel chainmail. PaleoBarefoots are “virtually indestructible” shoes designed for fans of barefoot running, while protecting the bottoms of your feet. Amazing!

[ via Laughing Squid]

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Fashionable Motorcycle Helmets

Why wear a normal motorcycle helmet, when you could give yourself a big, bald head? Igor Mitin, creative director of GOOD!, must have asked the same question. He designed a line of helmets that are custom printed, so you can look awesome while protecting your skull.

[ via Neatorama]

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Artists Create Fashionable Paper World

Artists Zoey Taylor and David Connelly create a paper world, using cardboard, paint and glue. And they wear “paper fashion” to match, blending in seamlessly, almost as living paper dolls. Really neat photos!

You can view more photos on DeviantArt, and also be sure to follow their House of Cardboard on Tumblr.

[Dosshaus & House of Cardboard via Reddit]

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Snake Skin Boots Include the Head

These snake skin boots are seriously creepy, with cobra heads attached to the toe! Ha, I’m sure this picture is just Photoshopped, but I have no doubt that someone on the Internet will eventually make this a reality. 🙂

[via Geekologie]

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Dress Made out of Ramen Packages

Talk about your tasty fashion. Here’s a dress made out of 196 packets of Ramen noodles, along with some chopsticks. The dress was made and modeled by Karina, for a project called “Wearable Art.”

World-class Ramen blogger Matt Fischer did some math, and figures that at 10-cents per packet, this dress cost about $20.00. Plus, she got to eat it all, too. Now that’s value!

[mattfischer via Neatorama]

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