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Costumes from the New York Pet Fashion Show 2013

At the New York Pet Fashion show, these dogs dressed like royalty. Wow, talk about your fancy dress. Wearing exotic clothing and expensive jewelery, they strutted down the catwalk dogwalk on Feb. 8th during New York City’s Fashion Week.

You know, if aliens are watching us, now they think dogs are in charge. Who could blame them? πŸ™‚ Head on over to CNN for more high-end doggy fashion!

Yes, these are dog costumes!

[via CNN]

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Costume Fun at the 2013 Cardiff Kook Run

The good people of Encinitas, CA got kooky with costumes on Sunday, for the 2013 Cardiff Kook Run. Over 2,400 runners, many in costumes, raised money to help preserve a local tourist attraction– a 16 ft. statue of a surfer known as The Cardiff Kook.

There are some really great costumes in the video below. I know it looks white and mysterious, but just click the play button. Video courtesy of EncinitasPatch. Great job, Everyone!

[via EncinitasPatch]

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Costumes at the Wellington Sevens 2013

Here are some great costumes from New Zealand’s Wellington Sevens 2013. This is a big annual rugby tournament involving teams from 16 different countries. It’s basically a big party for fans, who all come dressed in amazing costumes. has an extensive photo gallery of this year’s best costumes. I’ve posted a few of my favorites here, but follow the link to view the entire gallery. Looks like so much fun!

Photos by Kevin Stent & Christ Skelton.


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Howl-i-day Dog Costume Party

Dogs in Long Island get their own Christmas party this Saturday for the annual Howl-i-day celebration. Dogs dress up in costumes, and they even have judges for a contest. Kiki LIC Photography is on the scene, offering free photo shoots with Santa. Follow the links below to view more cute costume photos. Woof!

[Photo by Kiki LIC Photography. Via]

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Clown Noses at the Superhero Street Fair

Good old Mark Day, the man behind Mark Day Comedy, was kind enough to tip me off to his latest costume video. Watch all the great costumes from the recent SuperHero Street Fair in San Francisco. Looks like so much fun!

Notice all the clown noses? Yes, Why the Nose was there, spreading good cheer. Why the Nose is a movement dedicated to making people smile… by wearing a clown nose! It works, too. Just try to watch this video while frowning. Not possible.

Thanks for the heads up, Mark. Great job as always.

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Costume Fun at the Feline Film Festival

The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis hosted a Internet Cat Video Film Festival, doesn’t that sound like fun? Over 10,000 people showed up to share their love of cats and watch silly videos. Many people were dressed in cat costumes, and many of the cats were dressed up as well.

There’s no embed code, so CLICK HERE to watch the video!

[via New York Times. Video Link.]

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Excellent Cosplay from Star Wars Celebration VI

An Animal Muppet stormtrooper and Bender R2-D2 crossover (Futurama) are just some of the many incredible costumes at the Star Wars Celebration VI in Florida.

Fashionably Geek is on the scene, and they have a great cosplay gallery of all the costumed Star Wars fans. Follow the link to view them all.

Oh, I wish I could be there, it looks like so much fun.

[via Fashionably Geek]

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LED Lights Added to Brazilian Carnival Costumes

It’s Carnival day at My Disguises! Well, at least it worked out that way, as all I’ve posted so far are costumes from various carnivals. I never know which direction the costume winds will blow, I’m just along for the ride.

Check out these Brazilian carnival costumes with LED lights attached. These costumes were part of the Olympic closing ceremonies, with a special tribute to Brazil. Designers Moritz Waldemeyer and Jum Nakao collaborated to create an elaborate performance of “an eighty-piece drum parade, brazilian samba girls, amazonian folk dancers, and maracatu.” The lights actually flashed to the beat of the drums. That would have been quite a sight to see!

“We wanted to root our creations in Brazilian culture and history but with a twist. The jewellery is actually made up of electronics equipment – circuit boards and cables – and even drinking straws, a reference to grassroots creativity.”

Waldemeyer also explored new territories regarding LED programming. Usually the costumes would be individually controlled by battery, however, for the first time, Waldemeer synchronized the LEDs’ animation to all beat to the drums. He did this by employing the available Olympic radio network, and created a system where the costumes respond the tempo of the music so that they are all perfectly in time.

[via designboom]

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