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Batgirl & Nightwing Costume Wedding

Here’s a fun look at a Batgirl and Nightwing costume wedding. Seth grew up reading Nightwing comics, and Laura is a huge Batgirl fan. The whole wedding party dressed up in matching outfits and they all wore masks. How fun!

These photos were taken by the talented Dianne Personett, and there’s a gallery on Imgur with many more photos. Follow the links to view them all, and big congrats to the happy couple!

[Dianne Personett Photography + Gallery via The Mary Sue]

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Town Sponsors Costume Bike Parade

A costume bike parade? Sounds fun! To kick off Bike Month, the citizens of Harrisonburg, VA dressed up in costumes and rode their bikes to their downtown Turner Pavilion. Looks likes loads of fun!

During the month of May, folks are encouraged to ditch their cars and ride their bikes to work. It’s good for the environment, good for the body, and good for the wallet by saving on gas.

Our aim is to make riding a bicycle a safer and friendlier means of transportation and recreation. Whether to ride your bike to work, to save money, to preserve our environment, for exercise, or just for fun, see the list of activities below and join us to celebrate Bike Month this May!

[ & adventureseen]

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The Wild Hats of the Kentucky Derby 2013

Horse racing fans gathered on Saturday for the 139th Kentucky Derby. This event is well known for its fashion… particularly for the wild hats everyone wears.

Yahoo has a nice gallery of 42 photos of crazy hats worn at the race. Looks like a lot of fun! Follow the link to view the full gallery.

[via Yahoo]

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Costumes from the London Marathon 2013

Let’s give a round of applause to these London Marathon runners who ran yesterday’s race in costume! Ha, this boggles my mind. I can’t imagine the stamina required to run 26 miles in a hot sweaty costume.

View more costumes on Digital Spy. Great job, Everyone!

[via Digital Spy]

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Dad and Son Wear Toy Story Costumes

It’s Buzz Lightyear and Emperor Zurg! It’s always fun to see a dad and son dressed up in costumes. These two took part in a charity walk at the University of Nevada to help raise money for AFAN. Great costumes for a great cause, well done!

[via Reddit]

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Functional Fish Bowl Headgear

This guy is sporting some amazing fish bowl headgear. Ha, pretty crazy. And I like how it makes his head look so huge. Well done, Sir.

From what I gather, he’s known as Aquariumhead, and he started showing up at the Dutch festival Lowlands back in 2010. He’s so famous, someone even drew a painting! Very nice.

Update: Musician Joe Lawless wrote a song about him. Thanks for sharing!

2nd Update: Hmm, this song was recorded in 1993? So it’s just a coincidence? Weird (but cool).

The Man In The Trenchcoat With The Fishbowl Head

[via Reddit. Drawing by QuixoticouS]

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Grumpy Cat Wears Costumes at SXSW

The famous Grumpy Cat was a big hit at the recent SXSW in Austin, TX. People formed lines over two hours long in order to pose for a photo with the frowny feline.

Grumpy Cat wore a lot of great costumes at the event. Very cute! Here are a few of the photos, alon with a behind the scenes clip from the photo shoot. Head on over to Mashable to view the full slideshow.

[via Mashable]

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Funny Newspaper Costumes

Check out these guys dressed in newspapers, complete with awesome hats! What a great photo. This was taken during the annual Boston Urban Iditarod.

Each year, groups dress in wacky costumes and race through the streets of Boston– all while pushing a shopping cart. Visit to view loads of photos from the event. Looks like a crazy fun time!

[Photo by Greg Cook via]

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