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Amazing DIY Transformers Costume

Take a look at this amazing Transformers costume, made by a crafty fellow named Mark. He’s posted several photos of his latest creation on, as well as a bunch of YouTube videos of the costume in action.

This looks so cool! Mark calls this his “Bolt” Transformers costume. And while it doesn’t transform into a car, the costume does have a bunch of neat movable parts and effects. Absolutely amazing job, Sir.

This is the latest advancement in costume techniques and technology…. this guy has everything… from moving eyes, working light-up and smoke thrusters to moving mouth piece with voice amplifier to remote control arms with moving features in the arms as well as insane level detailing and transformers movie esthetics.. this is the best piece i have ever done and really proud of the end result…

[Marksprojects & YouTube via Geekologie]

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Robot from Recycled Parts

Check out the latest costume from Peter Kokis of Brooklyn RobotWorks! He’s well known in the New York area for his amazing Transformers, Terminator, and Robot costumes made out of ordinary household items.

His latest costume is called the “Brooklyn Mechanical Robot.” Isn’t it a beauty? It’s made with modular parts, so he can swap out the arms, legs and shoulders with various models. The head of the robot is based ‘Gort’ from the original The Day The Earth Stood Still. And yes, his mouth-speaker is an egg slicer!

Amazing work, as always, Peter. Great job!

via Brooklyn RobotWorks:

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Vintage Homemade Batman and Robin Costumes

It’s the Dynamic Duo, sporting awesome homemade costumes from the 70’s. Ha, I love that Batman mask.

This old photo was recently shared by mrgadlfly2u. His mom deserves a round of applause, she did a great job on these costumes. Well done!

[via Reddit]

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How to Make a Toilet Costume

Ha, this is so funny and cute. It’s a homemade toilet costume, and you can learn to make one for yourself. Best of all, the lid opens, and the toilet bowl holds all the candy. That’s so hilarious!

This costume was made by pezzasaurus, who was inspired to make this for a daughter in the process of potty training. Read all about it on Instructables.

I was inspired to do this costume for my daughter because she was in the process of potty training at the time. Luckily her size was roughly proportional to an actual toilet. She really enjoyed wearing it too because the toilet lid opens to reveal a bowl that functions as the candy receptacle; making it a fun and interactive costume.

[via Instructables]

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Custom Darth Nihilus Costume

Here’s a impressive Darth Nihilus costume, made by crafty costumer Robert Rodgers. He made the entire costume from scratch. Very cool!

Mr. Rodgers is the owner of Wicked Armor. He’s an experienced sculptor and painter, and can make any costume imaginable. Check out his portfolio to view an extensive gallery of costumes. Amazing work!

[via Wicked Armor]

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DIY Facebook Costume

This girl named Sophia is quite proud of her Facebook costume, and rightfully so. The video shows her making the costume with her dad. What a great way to spend some quality father/daughter time.

It looks like she made it to celebrate the new year. Congratulations on your Facebook 2013 costume, Sophia! It turned out great.

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Rolling Rock Spartan Costume

Behold, the Rolling Rock Spartan! It’s a very well done suit of armor, made by Yunk28. He wanted to combine his love of armor with his love of Rolling Rock. Fantastic job! I really like the accessories, too: Helmet, sword, shield– even sandals!

Read the tutorial on Instructables, if you’d like to try to make your own.

For the torso armor I cut the boxes into diamond pieces and attached them together using twist ties. I attached the pieces to make a chain-mail type armor that is form fitting to my body and made it easier to move around. Each piece I also covered in crystal clear packing tape to make it water resistant…

[via Instructables]

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Snake Wears a Custom Sweater

Take a look at this snake wearing a pink sweater. Very nice! Stephanie wanted to keep Milky Joe warm, so she commissioned this sweater for him. What a thoughtful thing to do.

Watch the video below for a live demo of Milky Joe in action. Or rather, lack of action. 🙂 At least we get a nice look at the sweater.

I commissioned unicorngirl to knit a sweater for my snake Milky Joe!
just got it in the mail. so exciting.

[Rising Tensions via Neatorama]

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