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Incredible Brooklyn Typhoon Costume Inspired by Pacific Rim

Wow, robot master Peter Kokis is a very busy man. He keeps making these incredible robot costumes out of ordinary household objects.

His latest creation just may be my favorite of all. Meet the Brookly Typhoon, based on the 3-armed Chinese robot in the film Pacific Rim. This is so very cool. I can’t believe it’s made from recycled household parts.

Great job, Peter! I’m glad someone is ready to defend Earth in case we get attacked.

Brooklyn Typhoon: Based on the awesome Chinese robot from the film Pacific Rim. Crimson Typhoon is the craziest-looking robot I’ve ever seen, and a two-second shot of him in a trailer seven months before the film came out was all I needed. Building two right arms and essentially no-head was just the challenge I sought, and I started acquiring his parts the very next day. His 2nd right arm is the identical size & shape of my arm, and the resulting distortion and necessary counter-balancing drove his weight above 150 lbs. …ouch. I went through a lot of mannequinn arms before I found the perfect one. The character’s head was impossible to replicate, and my interpretation is a balance of form & function. He’s made from ordinary and readily-available household, hardware, petshop & sporting goods items, nothing special… stuff like toilet flush valves, plungers, blender bases, hair clipper spacers & egg slicers…

I wish more people had seen the film, as way too many folks think he’s a Transformer!

[via Brooklyn Robotworks]

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Clown Costume Made of Legos

Legos master Jeff Cunningham made a wearable clown costume… entirely out of Legos! The costume includes Lego shoes, gloves, mask and eyeglasses. Hard to believe this can actually be worn. Fabulous job!

“Clowning around” one day with my LEGOs and this is what I came up with! The glasses can actually be taken off like real glasses and the shoes fit over your own shoes.

[via Topless Robot]

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Awesome Xenomorph Alien Costume from Recycled Parts

Brooklyn’s finest costumer, Peter Kokis, just doesn’t stop making awesome costumes. He’s famous for making incredible robot costumes out of ordinary household items.

This time, Peter has strayed from his normal robot creations, to make this stunning Xenomorph costume from the Alien movies. And yes, it’s made out of recycled household objects including toilet plungers, dish washing mats, and bottle caps.

After working on this for 450 hours, the final result is beyond amazing. So cool. Fabulous job, Peter!

I had wanted to build a Xenomorph for a long time, a challenge for my construction process as the robots I build are all very mechanical and angular, but the creature is biological and so he’s all soft shapes and curves…it took me 16 months to acquire his parts. I used a lot of recurring shapes throughout his body, all gloss black plastic & rubber, and his parts include toilet plungers, Baroque costume ball half-masks, knife sharpeners (his ribcage), wine glass drain mats (skin), vitamin bottlecaps, and lots of ribbed tubing in five diameters. His head – what truly identifies The Xenomorph – was the last and most challenging part to be built…he’s all about those big silver teeth… Brooklyn Alien took 450 hours’ construction time, and he is the lightest of my characters at 122 lbs.

[via brooklynrobotworks]

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DIY Costumes for Pregnant Couples

April and her husband put together this excellent costume tutorial for couples expecting a baby. He dresses up as a chef, and April wears a clever ‘bun in the oven’ costume. Everything you need to make this costume can be found in the YouTube description.

The costumes aren’t not too hard to make, and it’s a fun way for moms to celebrate Halloween and their pregnancy at the same time. Very well done!

[via AprilAthena7]

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The Creation of a Cthulhu Costume

Here’s an excellent video showing the creation of a full body latex Cthulhu costume. This was made by alexthemoviegeek, and we get a really good idea of the processes he went through to make this.

It took him 4 weeks to complete, and cost around $300. Very impressive!

[via alexthemoviegeek]

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Amazing Transformers-Inspired Brooklyn Robots

The famous Peter Kokis of Brooklyn RobotWorks has been hard at work on his latest creation. Behold the mighty Brooklyn Starscream, a robot based on the Decepticons in the Transformers universe. He’s also updated his well known Brooklyn Bumblebee costume, now on version 4.0.

Peter doesn’t just make cool robot costumes. His specialty is making them out of ordinary household objects. Very impressive work!

BROOKLYN STARSCREAM is my interpretation of the evil Decepticon from the three Transformers films. I’m a former military pilot and wanted to bring an aircraft to life, and Starscream is based on a jet fighter plane. I had to take a wide latitude in designing him, as the character’s shoulders are impossibly wide (3x mine) and he has reverse-joint bird legs. Winglets are throughout his body. I had to limit the size of his wings – issues of storage, transport…and doorways – but compensated by angling them forward for a more ‘aggressive’ look. As with my other ‘bots, he’s built from ordinary household, hardware, sporting goods & petshop items including: toilet brush holders, toilet tank hardware, bird feeders, dog bowls, soap dishes, a juicer & an apple slicer, ice scrapers, tie rack, and a lot of other such stuff we use everyday but never pay any attention to. He weighs about 140 lbs.

Brooklyn Starscream photos by Beth Brown.
Brooklyn Bumblebee photo by Carlos A. Smith.

via Brooklyn RobotWorks:

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Making a Tomato Costume

Charlie spent 2.5 hours making this tomato costume, and recorded the whole process. Then he sped up the footage, so we can watch the whole thing in just over a minute. Faster than the Flash, he cuts and sews until finally, the tomato costume is born. Great job! My only suggestion would be to add the Benny Hill song… everything’s better with Yakety Sax. 🙂

[via Charlie Raisin]

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Awesome Homemade Kids Star Wars Costumes

Well, today has turned into a Star Wars costume day. I’m certainly not complaining.

Now this is how to celebrate Star Wars on May the Fourth. ThatMoxieGirl made these costumes for her kids, and took photos while they played with lightsabers. Leia looks great, and that R2-D2 costume is pretty slick.

Visit her blog to view more Star Wars photos. Great job!

Team Dorsey is celebrating Star Wars Day today. Let’s be honest; it’s a great excuse for the kids to wear their homemade costumes aside from Halloween. (We really need more costuming holidays.) Plus, this year Jane is old enough to tell people “May the fourth be with you.”

[thatmoxiegirl via Reddit]

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