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Amazing Homemade ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Armor

I have a special post for you today, just in time for a great 3-day weekend. Peter Kokis has just unveiled his latest costume. It’s the amazing suit Tom Cruise wears in Edge of Tomorrow. What a mind blowing costume!

What’s even more amazing, is that Peter makes all of his robotic costumes out of ordinary objects. This is truly a work of art. And if you’re in the New York area, you should contact Peter… he’s available for parties and events.

There’s a deluge of marketing now for the upcoming film ‘Edge of Tomorrow’, so it’s time to forward you images of my latest: Brooklyn Exo Soldier . He’s based on the exo suits worn by the troopers in the new Tom Cruise film, and as soon as I saw the trailer this past winter I knew I was building one and started acquiring parts days later. I didn’t see much of the suits in the first trailer, so he’s based 80% on the movie and 20% from my experience in the Army: appearing as a low-tech, sturdy, mass-produced weaponized exoskeleton that our troops may very well be wearing in a decade. The exoskeleton took 300 hours to build and weighs 130 lbs. (same as the movie actors’ suits). His weapons are heavy and over-sized for effect. As with my robots, he’s made from ordinary & readily available stuff from local household, hardware, sporting goods, outdoor & discount stores…nothing special. Seven different shades of green, I layered him: green (uniform) – black (soft body armor & padding) – then dark green (for his steel exoskeletal framework). I hope the film does well…Hoo-Rah!

[via Peter Kokis]

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Incredible Aliens Power Loader Costume for a Baby

Most amazing costume ever? Carsten Riewe made this incredible Power Loader costume from the movie Aliens, and it looks like his baby daughter is driving it. Way too awesome! The baby sits in a harness, and he carries her as he walks around. The costume includes sounds, and took 100 hours to make. Fabulous work!

This Baby costume was inspired by the Caterpillar P5000 Powerloader from the movie “Aliens” by James Cameron. The arms and legs are full moveable and the top-light and LED were powered by an 12 Volt battery pack stored in the backpack. The on/off switch is in the left arm. Also in the backpack a Bluetooth boombox ist installed to play mechanical robot sound fx or music if preferred. It took 100 working hours to finnish the costume and I built it for the “Karneval”-Parade in my hometown in Germany February 2014 . My 13 months old daughter enjoyed to be carried and moved in her harnness savely.

[Carsten Riewe via Gizmodo]

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Homemade Game Boy Costume is Actually Playable

This gentleman made an awesome Game Boy costume, and it’s actually playable! It was a big hit at last month’s Ohayocon 2014 in Columbus, OH. The system uses Raspberry Pi, and the shape of large cartridges triggers which game to load. Really amazing! You can watch the costume in action in the video below.

[MidgarZolom via Fashionably Geek]

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Mask Looks Like Pieces of a Puzzle

Check out this very cool mask, homemade by Redditor feed_me_a_stray_kat. At first I thought it was actually made from puzzle pieces glued together. But no, the mask is all leather, carefully cut with a knife to look like puzzle pieces, then colored with acrylic paint.

The leather is able to keep it’s shape through a process called rapid dehydrating. Well done!

[via Reddit]

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Brooklyn Ironhide Robot Costume Gets an Upgrade

Wow, just look at this work of beauty. Peter Kokis is back with an upgraded version of Brooklyn Ironhide. Believe it or not, this amazing costume is made out of recycled parts and ordinary household objects.

Photographer Alan Camuto took these photos of Peter posing in front of Manhatten, just before it was claimed by the frozen Polar Vortex storm. Fantastic job, Peter! Thanks so much for sharing.

Brooklyn Ironhide is my interpretation of the cranky, tough-as-nails Autobot from the Transformers films. He’s now two years old and upgraded to Version 2. I made his arm cannons larger than the film character’s, as he’s all about his guns…the Clint Eastwood of robots: those cannons make him weigh as much as I do (he’s my heaviest exoskeleton). I try to find shoot-locations that show NYC landmarks, for the benefit of international viewers, so here he is with some iconic Manhattan buildings in the background. Alan Camuto shot me right before the arrival of the “Polar Vortex” which was, no doubt, an evil plot hatched by those nasty Decepticons.

[via Brooklyn RobotWorks]

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Adorable Toddler in a Crocheted Viking Hat

Isn’t it fun to make costumes for your children? This crocheted viking hat was made by the clever wife of Dr_Emmet_Brown. I it turned out great! What a happy little viking.

[via Reddit]

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Mother Makes Homemade Knight and Horse Costumes for Kids

It’s an important costume tradition for parents to make costumes for their kids. It’s a great way to spend family time together being creative. So I’m the last guy who would openly make fun of any homemade costumes that are made out of love.

That said, when Mom made these Knight and Horse costumes for her kids… well, I don’t think they turned out quite as planned. Ha, maybe it’s just the angle of the photo, but I can’t stop laughing. 🙂

[via Reddit]

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Suit of Armor Made from Bottlecaps

Here’s an incredible suit of armor, made entirely out of bottle caps! This was assembled by bottle cap artist Josh of RVA CapWorks. It took 3284 bottle caps, from 81 breweries and 62 types of beer. Ha, well this sounds like a fun way to make a costume.

You can view more detailed photos over at Fashionably Geek, and read Josh’s full write up on RVA CapWorks. Really amazing work, Sir. Great job!

[RVA CapWorks via Fashionably Geek]

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