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Barbie’s Cleavage Turned into Fashion Jewelry


She’s been a cultural icon and fashion inspiration for fifty years. But now, Barbie’s celebrity status has landed her cleavage in some pretty quirky custom jewelry.

New York designer, Margaux Lange, fascinated by the impact that Barbie has had on popular culture, turned bits of the plastic icon into bracelets, earrings and necklaces…oh my! From arms to ears, now you can wear Barbie’s plastic appendages as trendy baubles.


There are even fashionable cuff links for Barbie’s guy fans.


I don’t know, these jewelry pieces are like something that came out of Sid’s room in Toy Story. I shudder to think what this designer would do if she got her hands on my beloved Legolas and Edward Cullen dolls.

[via Sky News]

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CW Sinks Teeth into Another Vampire Series


As a kid, I was obsessed with the paranormal and the supernatural. Early on I developed a special place in my heart (and reserved a special place on my neck) for vampires.

So I don’t have to tell you how disappointed I am when vampire-based TV programs get cancelled. When CBS’s Moonlight came along, I thought, “Finally…another vampire show!” But it was cancelled within a year.


I don’t have cable, so watching HBO’s popular program True Blood isn’t an option for me. But I was excited to learn recently that, according to Variety, the CW has decided to sink it’s teeth into another vampire drama with the TV adaptation of the “Vampire Diaries.”

Originally published in 1993, years before the Twilight book franchise was published (and some argue that this “Vampire Diaries” was the inspiration for Meyer’s “Twilight” series), after the success of the “Twilight” series, HarperCollins re-released the “Diaries” with new covers. Since then, “Diaries” has hit the New York Times Bestseller list, and three more books have been commissioned.

“Diaries” tells the story of a young woman torn between two vampire brothers who are battling for her soul and the souls of her friends, family and small town where they live.

I must admit, I’m curious and, a little anxious. How will “Vampire Diaries” translate to the screen? Can the CW ride the wave of vampire infatuation generated by Meyer? Regardless, my heart has already staked a claim on this newest vampire effort!

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Outing Summer Glau’s Belly Button

Summer Glau

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that Summer Glau has a magic belly button.

Her belly button changes in her various TV appearances, and I’m curious if the producers are using costume makeup, CGI, or maybe she had surgery?

Summer Glau And no, I’m not trying to mock her or objectify her body in typical Hollywood tabloid style. I’ve been a respectful fan of Summer Glau since 2002, when she starred on the beloved space western Firefly.

These days, she plays Cameron, the helpful, butt-kicking robot on the TV show Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles. She’s a beautiful, sexy and talented actress AND ballet dancer. Summer Glau is totally amazing.

But… something is going on with her belly button! I think there’s a belly button conspiracy happening right under our noses, so I decided to post some comparison photos and try to get to the bottom of this navel mystery.

Click on a photo to view full-size.

Summer Glau

Summer Glau

As you can see, Summer has an Outie belly button, plain as day. No big deal, really. The photo above is from 2006, during her guest appearance on the TV show The Unit.

The thing is, during this scene her belly button changes.

Here’s a picture from the same scene, and when she walks over to the guy — suddenly her Outie is gone, and she has a belly piercing instead. WTF?

Summer Glau

We get to see Summer’s Innie with Piercing again during a quick shot of her in a kiddie pool.

Summer Glau

Summer Glau

But during a longer shot of the same scene, her belly button is purposefully hidden behind a newspaper. Is it to cut down on the cost of makeup/CGI?

Summer Glau

What’s going on here? Quite a mystery, isn’t it? But wait – there’s more!

Now let’s jump to the year 2009. Just last Friday on The Sarah Conner Chronicles, we were treated to a quick scene of Summer in her underwear.

There’s no sign of her majestic Outie belly button. Where did it go?

Summer Glau

Summer Glau

So there you have it, Folks. Her Outie belly button has been terminated.

But how? Was it through surgery? Makeup? CGI? And how do you explain her belly button changes that occur mid-scene on The Unit? Either there’s something fishy going on, or she has a magic belly button.

If anyone has any further insight into the greatest navel mystery in history, please do share in the comments below.

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School Bans Thanksgiving Costumes

Well this is an interesting bit of news.

Due to protests from a group of Native Americans, kindergartners at Condit Elementary School in California have been banned from wearing Thanksgiving costumes.

Some parents agree that the Native American costumes are demeaning and racist. Others feel that politics are being unfairly inserted into a fun (if not wholly accurate) tale of two factions setting aside their differences.

The debate is hot in the town of Claremont, CA. Despite the ban, many parents are sending their children to school in costume anyway.

Here’s a video from the LA Times. You can watch the two groups of protesters arguing with each other.

I’m interested to see how this plays out. Feel free to sound off in the comments below.

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Sony Denies Accusations of Costume Theft

Sony recently held a costume design contest for the “Sackboy” character in their video game LittleBigPlanet, and fans have accused them of stealing costume design ideas from non-winning entries. Sony has released a statement denying this accusation.

If you’re not familiar with the game, take a look at the trailer above. Players control small customizable “Sackboy” characters to solve puzzles and interact with a 3D environment.

So what happened? Well, Sony picked a winner and offered the winning costume as a free download for LittleBigWorld players. THEN, they released additional costumes as well, but charged money for them. And that’s when the great Costume Controversy began.

Sony’s new costumes are remarkably similar to several non-winning contest entries. Fans have cried foul, accusing Sony of copying and profiting from their uncredited costume designs.

Here are a few examples of design similarities provided by the disgrunted gamers.

Fanmade Design:
Sony Costume ContestSony Costume Contest

Sony’s Design:
Sony Costume ContestSony Costume Contest



Fanmade Design:
Sony Costume Contest
Sony’s Design:
Sony Costume Contest



Fanmade Design:

Sony Costume Contest

Sony’s Design:
Sony Costume ContestSony Costume Contest


As you can see, there ARE strong similarities between the costume designs. But did Sony do anything illegal? It doesn’t appear to be the case. All contest participants agreed to Sony’s Terms & Conditions before submitting their artwork. The fine print of the contest rules makes it clear that all submitted materials became the property of Sony. Case closed, it would seem.

But Sony went a step further and denied that any copying took place at all. According to a Sony representative:

“This was always going to be a possibility when we ran the costumer competition – releasing new costumes which are similar in theme to ones that were entered. Here’s the fact of the matter, the art team who are responsible for designing new original (ie unlicensed) costumes were involved at the very final stage of judging, by which time the number of entries had been whittled down to 10 from each batch of entries (Europe, Japan, USA). If at any time we take inspiration from a costume competition entry that didn’t win overall we will contact the creator directly.”

Hmm, so what are the disgruntled Sackboy costume designers to do? There’s probably nothing they CAN do. Legally, Sony has their fine print to fall back on. Plus, it’s awfully hard to copyright a penguin or a shark.

But this costume fiasco does indeed make Sony look bad. Someone in their PR department should come forward and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that their new costumes pre-existed before the contest. Until then, their integrity and goodwill towards fans will be questioned and scorned by many.

Feel free to sound off with your opinion in the comments below.

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Student Kicked out of School for Wearing Jesus Costume

Jesus CostumePARAMUS, N.J. (CBS) – West Brook Middle School students celebrated Halloween last Friday by wearing costumes to school. But 13-year-old Alex Woinski was kicked out for showing up in a Jesus costume. Alex has long brown hair and bears a striking resemblance to Jesus, his friends say.

According to the school principal, his costume was offensive to some students, and this was the first time any student had dressed like Jesus.

“I don’t think I overreacted,” Principal Joan Broe told CBS news.

CLICK HERE to watch the CBS news video.
What do you think? Is the costume offensive? Did the principal overreact? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments below.

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Ugliest Wig Ever

Ugliest Wig Ever

Ugliest. Wig. Ever.

Just think – for only 10 bucks, this could be yours!

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Dating Website Discourages Cosplay

Dating Website Discourages Cosplay

The popular online dating service has published a troubling article about “Photos that Make you Look Undateable.” [link]

Their advice? If you want to find love:

1. Don’t post a picture of yourself in a bar.
2. Don’t post a picture with your Ex obviously cut out.
3. Don’t stand next to a celebrity or something expensive.
4. Don’t wear a costume.


We get that some people really like to dress up in costumes even when it isn’t Halloween. However, while your friends may understand your penchant for dressing like the original Superman at Comic-Con, most people perusing your profile won’t.

Since when does a little cosplay interfere with finding love? And if someone is turned off by your cosplay, why would you want to date them anyway? Is the goal to get as many dates as possible, or to find someone compatible? I think we have a Quality vs. Quantity issue going on here.

eHarmony says, “When you’re putting yourself out there, it’s best to save the fun photos for later on down the road.”

So… the key to getting dates is to be fake and boring. Nice.

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