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Courtney Coulson is Frankenstein’s Monster

What a beautiful monster. It’s been a while since I checked in on Courtney and Cosplay Couture. Wow, she’s just killing it with such amazing costumes.

Here’s Courtney cosplaying Frankenstein’s monster Eve. So amazing! Be sure to visit Cosplay Couture for more photos from this series.

After watching many, many adaptations seeing what worked and what didn’t, I ended up with a creature of my own. I call her Eve, as the original Creature is sometimes dubbed ‘Adam’, this isn’t intended to be the Bride, rather a genderswapped Creature as I wanted to channel his emotional journey.

Costume by Courtney Coulson
Make-up by Lauren Payne
Photography by Luke Milton

[via Cosplay Couture]

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The Perfect Peter Griffin Cosplay

It’s a real life Peter Griffin! And I mean that literally, it says so on his Facebook page. Watch this stand up routine performed at the recent Allentown Comic Con 2014.

He looks and sounds exactly like him, how funny.

[Albotas via Kotaku]

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Pregnant Woman Cosplays in Style

This gal wanted to cosplay at a con, and she didn’t let her pregnancy stop her. LOL, a pregnant Orion slave girl, what a creative idea!

Kirk, you sly dog. What have you been up to?

[via i09]

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Costumes from Heroes Con 2014

Check out all the great cosplay from the recent Heroes Con 2014 in Charlotte, NC. Distractotron was on the scene and did a remarkable job with this video. So many great costumes!

[DistractotronChannel via Fashionably Geek]

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Adorable Predator Cosplay

Kayla the Predator refines the definition of adorable. Cutest cosplayer, indeed!

Costume by Nikki and William Miyamoto. Worn by their 3 year old daughter, Kayla. She loves dressing up in costumes and she wanted to be a Predator. The costume took a month to make.

[via batinthesun]

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Amazing “Real Life” Zoidberg Costume

Here’s one for Futurama fans… a real life Zoidberg costume! Artist Frank Ippolito and Tested made this incredible costume and wore it to Wondercon 2014.

This 13-minute video walks you through their entire creation process. It’s really worth watching as they create Zoidberg from scratch. They even added animatronics for that extra “real life” effect. Simply amazing!

Suited up in the costume, we walk the convention floor of WonderCon 2014 to greet some attendees and take photos with other cosplayers. Stick through to the end for some woop woop wackiness!

[Tested via Fashionably Geek]

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Family Cosplays as Bob’s Burgers

Here’s something fans of the show Bob’s Burgers should enjoy. What a great cosplaying family! These costumed cartoon characters were spotted at the recent C2E2 expo in Chicago.

So awesome, well done!

[via oops-the-apocalypse]

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Awesome Wonder Woman Costume

Here’s a lovely handmade Wonder Woman costume, based on the New 52 version with silver armor. This is made and modeled by Dee, aka famous cosplayer HoodedWoman. Fantastic job!

I always loved Wonder Woman but have never had the confidence to tackle one of her outfits. When I saw the silver on her new 52 armor I knew it was the one.

All the armor was a labor of love. It was foamies that I cut, shaped and then glued together. I carved the designs into the front of the foam and then began the sealing the foam. I sealed the foam with Elmer’s glue. I coated that about 3-4 times and then used a light sand paper to make sure it was really smooth. Then, using silver metallic spray paint I coated every piece. I then sealed the outside with a spray sealant. The stars were also cut from foam and painted.

[via HoodedWoman]

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