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Cosplay Video from Wondercon 2014

Photographer and all around camera master Dustin Young put together this neat video highlighting some of the cosplay from WonderCon 2014 in Anaheim. Lots of great costumes!

Be sure to watch to the end for a confrontation between Captain America and Lady Nick Fury. Hail Hydra!

[via Dustin Young]

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Velma with an Iron Man Mystery Machine

Well, if this just don’t beat all… an Iron Man Mystery Machine? Amazing! Yes, this is an Iron Man suit styled after the famous van from Scooby Doo. And Velma is on the case!

These two rocked the Wizard World St. Louis. Would be fun to see the whole Scooby gang. So creative, great job!

[BackBeat-Photography via Fashionably Geek]

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Superheroes Go to Wizard World

Here’s a great photo of a family of superheroes heading into Wizard World Comic Con, in Boston. Batgirl and Robin are so well behaved, and Batman’s busy buying tickets — I don’t think they’ve spotted Joker and Poison Ivy lurking in the background.

This is a potentially dangerous situation. 🙂

[via Reddit]

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Family’s Amazing Transition to Mario Bros. Characters

Watch this family turn into life-like Mario Bros. characters, for the Anime Matsuri convention in Houston. Using makeup, prosthetics, and great costumes, the Smith family stole the show!

The two twin sisters are experienced cosplayers, known as Twiznik cosplay. This year, they were able to talk their dad and four brothers into joining the fun. Fabulous job, Everyone!

[SeaBee FX via Kotaku. Photos by Nikkuman.]

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Little Thor is Popular at Indiana Comic Con 2014

This little guy dressed as Thor at the recent Indiana Comic Con 2014. Not surprisingly, he proved to be quite popular among the cosplayers, and everyone wanted a picture with him.

He poses with Superman, Spider-Man, Captain America, and many more. Doctor Who even tries to lift the hammer Mjolnir. Great photos! Glad to hear the con was a success.

[via Reddit]

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Costumes from London Super Comic Con 2014

Here’s another incredible cosplay video from Sneaky Zebra. They were on the scene at the recent London Super Comic Con 2014, which ran from March 15-16 at the Excel Centre.

It’s fun to see Yaya Han featured. My, she’s a busy lady. The music is a nice touch as well, performed by Pink Zebra. Great job, Everyone!

[Sneaky Zebra via Daily of the Day]

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Geek Fashion Show Coming to San Diego Comic Con

The Sci Fi fashion line, Her Universe has teamed up with the Nerdist to bring a geek-themed fashion show and design competition to this year’s SDCC.

If you’re a designer and want to enter the contest, visit Her Universe for submission information. Sounds exciting, good luck!

Two winners will be chosen to design a Her Universe Collection to be sold at Hot Topic.

[Her Universe via Fashionably Geek. Photo by Kelsey Edwards Photography.]

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Cosplay from Katsucon 2014

Here’s a fantastic look at the wonderful costumes from the recent Katsucon 2014 in National Harbor, MD. It’s a joint production by MLZ Studios and OTL Productions. It’s really professional and well done.

Perhaps best of all, our friend Yaya Han is prominently featured, wearing her amazing Red Queen costume from the game Alice: Madness Returns. Doesn’t she look amazing?

What a great video. Awesome job, Everyone!

I’m super excited to be included in the 1st Katsucon cosplay video by MLZ Studios & OTL Productions! It’s a beautiful nostalgic video combining everything we love about cosplaying at Katsucon! Lots of amazing intricate cosplayers are featured in gorgeous shots by Michael and Andy. It was a joy to work with them!

[via Yaya Han]

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