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Cosplay at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2014

Anime Weekend recently wrapped up in Atlanta, and Beat Down Boogie was on the scene, capturing all the great costumes. Yaya Han even appears as the amazing Arcade Miss Fortune.

In addition to the video above, Beat Down Boogie also released a gallery of photos of their Facebook page. Great job, Everyone!

[via beatdownboogie]

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New York Comic Con 2014 Cosplay Video

New York Comic Con 2014 just wrapped up, and RealTDragon did not waste any time shooting footage of all the great costumes. This “League of Marvels” video is a marvel, indeed. Looks like so much fun!

[via RealTDragon]

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Cosplay from Edmonton Expo 2014

Don’t miss this super fun cosplay video from the recent Edmonton Expo 2014. YMMPodcast was on the scene and did a remarkable job capturing all the costume magic.

I love the big group shot on the stairs towards the end. Terrific job, Everyone!

[YMMPodcast via io9]

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Cosplay Video from KantaiCon 2014

Check out this excellent cosplay music video, highlighting the great costumes from KantaiCon 2014. It’s a one-day anime convention, and it takes place on a real aircraft carrier in South Carolina. How amazing is that?! The video was produced by Blake Faucette and Micah Moore of Beat Down Boogie.

KantaiCon takes place on the USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier, as well as a neighboring destroyer and submarine. The ships are located at Patriot’s Point in South Carolina.

[Beat Down Boogie via Laughing Squid]

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10 Best Star Wars Costumes at Dragon Con 2014

HowStuffWorks put together an excellent compilation of the 10 best Star Wars costumes at the recent Dragon Con. All in just three minutes! The video moves fast, and I found myself pausing it a lot to get a better look at the costumes. The Force is indeed strong in these cosplayers.

A short time ago at a convention not so far away…

[via HowStuffWorks]

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League of Legends Cosplay at Dragon Con 2014

If you’re a fan of the League of Legends game, you’re sure to love this video by MLZ Studios. They always do such a great job capturing all the great convention cosplay. This was filmed with a handheld camera at the recent Dragon Con 2014. Such amazing costumes!

[via MLZ Studios]

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Amazing Doctor Octopus Costume

A young Doc Ock was spotted at Dragon Con. What an amazing costume! These photos were shared by Redditor Bullout, who must be bursting with pride.

The costume was a team effort by Mom and Dad, and the costume is made out of raw materials such as EVA foam and CPVC pipe. Fantastic job!

Here’s a sneak peek at next year’s version. Movable claws!

[via Reddit]

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Cosplay from Otakon 2014

Otakon 2014 just wrapped up in Baltimore, and MLZ Studios was on the scene. They just released another fabulous cosplay music video, showcasing all the great costumes.

Wow, Yaya Han looks so amazing. Great job, Everyone!

MLZ Studios

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