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New Green Lantern Costumes

I just got a tip that Costume Craze, one of my sponsors, is finally allowed to show their new Green Lantern costumes. They have a ton of stuff!

I know that many of you think the “sexy superhero” is a bit cliche, but I confess I really like that sexy Green Lantern costume!

Check out all the green goods on Costume Craze.

[via Costume Craze]

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Jean Grey X-Men Cosplay

GearsofHalo put together a nice little gallery of X-men’s Jean Grey / Dark Phoenix cosplay.

You can’t go wrong with awesome costumes, pretty ladies and a great character like Jean Grey. Visit their site to view all the photos!

[via GearsofHalo]

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Iron Man Foam Armor

A clever prop designer named TheStealthProps is getting an early start on his Halloween costume with this very cool Iron Man Foam Armor. It looks like the Mark III suit. I love that reactor!

This is just Part 1. The costume is coming along nicely, looks great!

I bought all this foam that wasn’t the greatest. I figured I’d use it for something so I’m just throwing together this Iron man suit and will just use it for halloween this year.

[via TheStealthProps]

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Superhero Costume Tailer

This is video is awesome, so full of costume goodness. DC created a superhero tailer shop in the “real world” to promote their DC Universe Online. The big emphasis is on the custom superhero costumes you can make in the game, and you can also choose your own powers.

Sounds like a blast! I love the old-timey look of this video it feels so authentic. Sign me up!

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Little Thor Commerical Parody

You probably remember that popular VW Super Bowl commerical with Little Darth Vader.

Marvel has made a clever parody starring Little Thor to promote the upcoming movie released on May 6th. This is pretty funny, and he’s wearing a great costume!

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A New Costume for a New Spider-Man

Big news from Marvel today… Spider-Man will get a new costume, and it won’t be Peter Parker wearing it! In the Ultimate Spider-Man series, Peter Parker gets shot, and someone new pics up the Spider Mantle.

I like this new costume. The black and red kind of remind me of DC’s Batman Beyond costume.

I wonder what other new tricks this Spider-Man will have… guess we’ll find out!

“That’s not Peter Parker,” Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso told The Post. “There’s going to be someone new wearing the costume.”

The new webslinger and the new look – a sleek black and red costume revealed here for the first time – will make their debut at some point this summer, after the conclusion of the ominously titled “Death of Spider-Man” storyline in June’s Ultimate Spider-Man No. 160.

[via NY Post]

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Green Lantern’s Full Costume Revealed

The web’s buzzing with these recently released Green Lantern pictures. You get a really good look at his costume!

A lot of websites say the costume has been altered and improved since the first trailer was released. But I don’t know, it looks the same to me… we just see more of it? Not sure.

I like it, though someone needs to give him a pair of shoes!

[via ScreenRant]

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Unemployed Man Costume

This awesome Unemployed Man costume was spotted recently at WonderCon. A funny costume, yet a bit sad as well.

The Adventures of Unemployed Man is a real book you can buy for 10 bucks. It looks like a funny/bitter parody of Justice League superheroes and a commentary on the poor state of the economy.

Learn all about the Unemployed Man at:


[via Photo via Generik11]

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