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Stephen Colbert’s Cameo in The Hobbit 2

If you’re a fan of Stephen Colbert, you should enjoy his brief cameo in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. He flew all the way to New Zealand to film this short scene. It’s easy to miss him, even if you were paying attention at the theater.

A fun little clip. And what’s with the eye patch that flips down? I guess it implies he’s not really blind in one eye?

[via SciFactsful]

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Children’s Authors Interviewed by their Own Characters

Here’s a fun video clip from The Guardian of children’s authors being interviewed by kids dressed as characters from their books. It features popular authors Jacqueline Wilson, SF Said and Jim Smith.

What a cool idea! Sorry, no embed code, you’ll have to click on the image for a new window.

[The Guardian]

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Bill Gates Video with a Reddit Costume

Where did Bill Gates get this awesome Reddit costume? So cool. He posted this video yesterday on Reddit after answering questions via his AMA (ask me anything). It’s a great read, worth checking out. He must have planned ahead to make this rather professional Reddit video. The production value is quite high. Very classy! Just like good old Bill.

[via thegatesnotes]

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Bill Murray Visits Letterman in a Peter Pan Costume

What do you think… Bill Murray as Peter Pan? LOL, he makes a pretty convincing Pan during this awesome entrance on Letterman’s show. He wants the lead in the upcoming live Peter Pan broadcast. I say they give it to him! The ratings would be huge.

[via Late Show with David Letterman]

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes Undercover at Gold’s Gym

Ha, good old Arnold. What a cool guy. He just released this video of himself going undercover at Gold’s Gym as Howard the manager. Funny stuff. He’s raising money for After-School All-Stars to help kids in need. Arnold will match each and every donation, and you could win a chance to ride in a tank with the big man himself.

Sounds great! Click Here to donate a few bucks and enter the contest!

[via Arnold Schwarzenegger]

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Peter Mayhew Shares Old Star Wars Photos

Peter Mayhew, the man in the Chewbacca costume, has recently shared a bunch of old Star Wars images on his Twitter account. A lot of these I haven’t seen before. There are several fun behind-the-scenes photos, and we even see an elephant dressed up as a Bantha. Very cool! Be sure to visit Peter’s Twitter account to view them all.

[Peter Mayhew via Laughing Squid]

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Amy Poehler and Billy Eichner Go Christmas Caroling

For a recent sketch on Jimmy Kimmel Live, comedians Amy Poehler and Billy Eichner run through the streets of New York City dressed in Christmas costumes. They try to get random pedestrians to join them in singing Christmas carols. Ha, too funny. Definitely a great way to spread smiles and Christmas cheer.

[via Jimmy Kimmel Live]

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Captain Kirk Mask Used in “Halloween”

Here’s a bit of interesting costume trivia. Did you know that the mask worn by Michael Myers in Halloween was actually a modified Captain Kirk mask? True enough, William Shatner sort of appears in the classic horror movie.

Originally, the producers wanted Myers to wear a clown mask. But after tweaking the eyebrows, eye holes, and hair of a cheap Star Trek mask, they realized they had found the perfectly terrifying face for their killer. Very interesting!

At first, the HALLOWEEN crew thought Michael Myers should wear a clown mask, as a callback to the beginning of the movie when he killed his sister in a clown costume. The HALLOWEEN crew also considered a Don Post mask from 1975 of Captain James T. Kirk, purchased for around $1-$2. After removing the eyebrows and sideburns, spray-painting the hair brown, opening up the eyes more, and painting the face white, the crew found the mask to be eerily emotionless.

[via Imgur]

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