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Adam Savage’s Amazing “Alien” Spacesuit

Adam Savage of Mythbusters debuted a special costume for this year’s Comic Con. It’s a complete replica of the spacesuit worn by Sigourney Weaver in the classic movie Alien.

He spent 10 years making this costume! How extraordinary.

“When I do something like this, where the suit is supposed to be weathered and worn and torn up from years of use, putting it together is only the first part of a very difficult process. I’ve got to also get all the pieces to look like they’ve grown old together.”

Watch the video below to learn more. I love how he’s wearing an ice vest to keep himself cool as he walks the Comic Con floor. Absolutely brilliant!

[via Yahoo]

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Live Action Elsa in Official Frozen Costume

Australian actress Georgina Haig has been spotted in her full Elsa costume. She’s currently filming on the set of ABC’s Once Upon a Time. I’ve never seen her act, but she certainly looks the part.

So what’s in store for Elsa? Co-creator Adam Horowitz gave the following hint:

“What we can say is we’re very aware of what we think makes this character from Frozen so special,” he revealed to E! News. “We want to honor that and make sure that what we do is in the universe that everyone fell in love with this past year.”

[via Yahoo]

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Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have Star Wars Battle

To help raise money for Unicef, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert battle for the title of World’s Biggest Star Wars Fan. Ha, this is great.

It’s a close match, indeed. But while Stephen Colbert may be strong in the Force, Jon Stewart gets to have the most fun with costumes.

If you want to donate to this Unicef cause, you may get to appear in the new Star Wars movie!

[via Omaze]

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Amazing Homemade ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Armor

I have a special post for you today, just in time for a great 3-day weekend. Peter Kokis has just unveiled his latest costume. It’s the amazing suit Tom Cruise wears in Edge of Tomorrow. What a mind blowing costume!

What’s even more amazing, is that Peter makes all of his robotic costumes out of ordinary objects. This is truly a work of art. And if you’re in the New York area, you should contact Peter… he’s available for parties and events.

There’s a deluge of marketing now for the upcoming film ‘Edge of Tomorrow’, so it’s time to forward you images of my latest: Brooklyn Exo Soldier . He’s based on the exo suits worn by the troopers in the new Tom Cruise film, and as soon as I saw the trailer this past winter I knew I was building one and started acquiring parts days later. I didn’t see much of the suits in the first trailer, so he’s based 80% on the movie and 20% from my experience in the Army: appearing as a low-tech, sturdy, mass-produced weaponized exoskeleton that our troops may very well be wearing in a decade. The exoskeleton took 300 hours to build and weighs 130 lbs. (same as the movie actors’ suits). His weapons are heavy and over-sized for effect. As with my robots, he’s made from ordinary & readily available stuff from local household, hardware, sporting goods, outdoor & discount stores…nothing special. Seven different shades of green, I layered him: green (uniform) – black (soft body armor & padding) – then dark green (for his steel exoskeletal framework). I hope the film does well…Hoo-Rah!

[via Peter Kokis]

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Internet has Fun with Affleck’s Batman Photo

People seem to be having lots of fun with the recently released photo of Ben Affleck as Batman. Lots of creativy in these images below.

Some people have colored the costume to match some crazy costumes that Batman has worn in the past. Pink Batman? Rainbow Batman? Sure, I’m game.

These Sad Batman memes are great, too. He does look really sad, poor guy. I bet he’s thinking about Robin.

[via Yahoo and Kotaku]

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Ben Affleck in the New Batman Costume

By now you’ve probably seen the new image of Ben Affleck in the new Batman costume. Very Dark Knight-ish, and he looks a little sad. Poor Batman.

Over at ComicBookMovie, they’ve filtered the image so we get a nice look at the cowl, and texture of the suit. One fan even colored him blue, and it’s almost preferable. I guess we’ll have to wait for more photos with better lighting. Exciting stuff!

[via ComicBookMovie]

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Breakdancers in Buddhist Monk Costumes

On May 3, a group of Buddhist monks entered Union Square Park in New York… and started breakdancing! Turns out, they were wearing these costumes to pay tribute to the late Adam Yauch, co-founder of the Beastie Boys.

It’s been 2 years since this legendary musician died. Yaunch was a practicing Buddhist, and this was how these fans chose to honor him. Quite touching.

The sound is a bit loud and distorted, you might want to watch your speaker levels.

[via Lhu BOOM]

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Ellen Appears on Game of Thrones

Did you know Ellen appeared on Game of Thrones? She wore a beautiful costume, and performed standup for King Joffrey and the Lanister court. Ha, this is cleverly done.

The jokes are pretty good, too, though it certainly helps if you watch the show.

[via TheEllenShow]

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