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Wonder Bread Woman

Here’s a fun look at an alternate costume for Wonder Woman. This was drawn by animator Louie del Carmen. A clever pun, plus it’s a good sponsorship opportunity. Wonder Woman has to pay the bills, somehow. 🙂

[Super Punch via Neatorama]

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Superheroes Wearing Jeans

Even superheroes need Casual Friday. Check out these well done Photoshopped pictures of our favorite heroes wearing jeans. They look so comfortable, especially Thor. 🙂

[Awkward Elevator via Fashionably Geek]

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Dressing Up as Kids’ Drawings

Artist Yoni Lefevre used props and costumes to recreate kids’ drawings as real life. The children were asked to draw pictures of their grandparents. Ha, what a clever idea, but in a way it’s almost kind of mean. All in good fun though. 🙂

[designboom via Neatorama]

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Shanghai Movie Theater Accidentally Displays Fan-Made Thor Poster

A Shanghai movie theater mistakenly used a fan-made Photoshopped image to promote the new Thor movie. Ha, this is the funniest thing ever! Loki looks so happy.

The artist must have just searched the web for Thor movie posters, and taken what he thought was a nice hi-res official image. Way too awesome.

Here’s the original poster, featuring Natalie Portman.

[via Reddit]

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‘Face in a Face’ Makeup Tutorial

This ‘face in a face’ Halloween makeup is indeed rather trippy. Make up artist Promise Phan put together a great tutorial after being inspired by the Double Faced photo series by artist Sebastian Bieniek. Very cool!

I’ll be showing you guys how to draw another face on the side of your face. I don’t think You need to be an Artist to pull this off… If you draw a simple face it still can turn heads !!! You all need to try this out and Freak People but Plz Don’t strain your eye when you draw the face on the side so I recommend having someone draw it on you or take small breaks in between).

[via Promise Phan]

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Artist Creates Multi-Face Illusions

Artist Sebastian Bieniek shot a series of photos he calls Doublefaced. The photos are of a woman who appears to have multiple faces. He includes one real eye, and paints the rest of her face on the side of her head. Pretty creepy, but also very cool. You can view all the photos on Sebastian Bieniek’s Facebook page.

[Sebastian Bieniek via Laughing Squid]

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Fashion Concept Art: One Man Market

Check out this concept design for a “One Man Market” suit. It was drawn by artist Nonremittal. It allows a poor farmer to sell his wares without needing an expensive shop or renting a market stall. It has large pockets for storing a variety of produce, and a handy umbrella offers protection on rainy days.

What a creative idea! And I love the story that goes along with it. The outfit looks a bit silly, but survival is no joke.

This farmer is poor and can’t afford to rent a food stall in his local market. Since his crops starting to go bad and had to be thrown away, he decided to stitch together a cow’s hide to make a market suit which he now uses to stand in a clearing in the busy marketplace and try to sell his sugar cane, carrots, bananas, oranges, grapes, green apples & strawberries.

[via Nonremittal]

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Jogging Suits Designed to Fit City Architecture

Check out this very unusual “architect fashion” designed by artist Sarah Ross. She made 4 different jogging suits that perfectly fit various buildings and architecture in Los Angeles. These archisuits allow her to lean or lay against a structure and fit like a puzzle piece. What a strange idea!

[insecurespaces via Reddit]

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