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Body Paint Art Looks Like a Parrot

Italian artist Johannes Stoetter is a former bodypainting world champion, and spent four weeks planning this amazing creation. Look closely, the photo looks like a parrot, but it’s actually a painted woman. The painting process took 4 hours, and he used a special breathable paint. Totally amazing!

He then spent a further hour positioning her on a tree trump, before taking a series of photographs. The finished creation sees the model’s outstretched left leg become the parrot’s tail feathers, while her right leg and arm become its wings.

[Johannes Stoetter via Daily Mail]

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Fashionable Bean Beards made of Candy

Just look at all of these tasty beards. Artist Takao Sakai has created a fake fashion trend made up of a Japanese candy from azuki beans. A series of photos shows normal people out and about wearing beards made of candy. Ha, it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s fake these days.

“If some media outside of Japan would mistakenly think that this is really fashion and would report it as news, then I would have succeeded…”

[Takao Sakai via Kotaku]

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Can You Identify Superheroes by their Underwear?

You can tell a lot about a person by their underwear. Especially when they wear it on the outside like superheroes tend to do. Can you identify these superheroes and villains by their undies? Sounds like the perfect conversation piece for your next dinner party.

These posters are for sale at I admit the product page has me a bit confused. While DesignTaxi claims they are $29.99 each, the product page and shopping cart seem to imply you get both posters for $29.99. Maybe I’m just blind, but I don’t see anyway to select just one. Has anyone ordered this, who can clarify?

[designdifferent via Neatorama]

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Young People Swap Clothes with Older Family Members

Photographer Qozop believes that wrinkles aren’t the only way to tell someone’s age… you can tell by their fashion, too.

To demonstrate, he shot a series of photos that show young people swapping clothes with an older family member. A very clever idea! I’ve posted a few photos here, but head over to Qozop’s official site to view them all.

‘And as an Asian society, our cultural beliefs are often reflected in our dressing. Fashion (other than wrinkles) is one of the best tell tales of how old a person is, or what generation they hail from,’ he said.

[via Daily Mail]

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Cosplay Ideas for the Mildly Unmotivated

Do you like to cosplay, but don’t like trying too hard on your costume? Then this Tumblr by Patrick Dean is for you! Halfassedcosplayideas is a series of drawings that show how you can half-ass your way towards a decent costume for your next Con.

Great drawings, actually, and lots of neat ideas. I hope this Tumblr can go on for a while, until he realizes it’s too much work. 🙂

[halfassedcosplayideas via Fashionably Geek]

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Artist Stays Cool with a Pair of Ice Glasses

Baku Maeda is a humorous artist from Japan who made these fancy “ice glasses” by freezing a pair of spectacles. Kind of a funny idea, but it does look cold and impractical.

[Baku Maeda via Laughing Squid]

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Woman Poses with Dressed Up Mannequins

Here’s an interesting photo shoot by photographer Suzanes Heintz. She’s single, doesn’t want to get married, and grew tired of everyone asking her about tying the knot. So she set out to parody the American dream with a series of photos of her posing with a fake family of mannequins. Very interesting! She dresses up her plastic husband and child, and it looks like everyone is having a great time.

I’m simply trying to get people to open up their minds and quit clinging to antiquated notions of what a successful life looks like. I want people to lighten up on each other and themselves, and embrace their lives for who it has made them, with or without the Mrs., PhD. or Esq. attached.

Head on over to Beautiful/Decay to view more photos from this series.

[Beautiful/Decay via Neatorama]

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Atrwork: The Furries Avengers Squad Team

From the mind of the talented MashTheFox… behold The Furries Avengers Squad Team! It’s a fun take on The Avengers, drawn furry-style. Nicely done! And I think these characters are tailored after real folks in his club. Fun stuff.

[via MashTheFox]

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